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Drooling Zombie Lips: A Photoshop Masterpiece

Drooling Zombie Lips: A Photoshop Masterpiece

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Now this is a way to put Photoshop to good use! I just love these creepy, drooling zombie lips. You may be familiar with artist Stuntkid since his work is all over the Internet. Out of everything he’s created thus far; I think this is my favorite.

Not only has award-winning artist and illustrator Stuntkid (Jason Levesque) made this print available for sale (for the month of October only), he has provided a time lapse video of how he created this in Photoshop CS5. After watching this, I’m completely blown away. Even though I mess around in Photoshop every day, I still think I would have a better chance of getting this look if I did it with an old fashioned paintbrush.

You can learn more about Jason on his blog, his tumblr or his deviantART page. If you would like to purchase these kissable, drooling, creepy zombie lips in print form, click over to Stuntkid. If you are wondering what the music is in this video like I was, it’s Prologue (Gilbert) Duchess Says from 2008. I read that Jason’s wife, Elizabeth Virginia Levesque, is also an artist. Wow, I bet it’s fun living in that house!

Stuntikid Zombie Lips In Photoshop

Via: [My Modern Met]

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