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Drag Queen Barbie: Yep, Another Fun Barbie For Your Collection

Drag Queen Barbie: Yep, Another Fun Barbie For Your Collection

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

As you probably know, a few months ago Barbie learned that Ken is gay. I knew that all along, and I’m glad she has finally realized the truth. In case you missed that, you can read about it on In The Dollhouse. What if Ken is more than just gay? What if he likes to dress in drag too? I think that would be awesome, and I’m happy to say that you can now buy a Drag Queen Barbie doll. If you are a collector, this will definitely be another fun Barbie to add to your collection.

Mattel commissioned The Blonds (David and Philippe Blond) to create this cross-dressing doll. Philippe likes to cross-dress (see his picture below with David), so it makes sense that he is half of the design team that created this super fabulous doll. In true drag queen form, this fun Barbie is dressed flawlessly with exaggerated makeup and glamorous style. She is dripping in jewels and draped in faux fur. Even her pumps are sparkling with perfection.

Although this fun Barbie was released earlier this month, she’s already on back order. If you would like to purchase one, she’s $125 on Barbie Collector. They are anticipating being able to ship more in December, but of course that date could change. I haven’t seen a Barbie I like this much since I wrote about the Tattooed Barbie which was released last year. The world is a colorful place, and I love this kind of creativity. I know after reading this, some people will tell me that this kind of Barbie will confuse little girls. I disagree. Beauty is beauty, and this Barbie is about celebrating that beauty. There is nothing wrong with that in my opinion. If you’d like to see more drag queen loveliness, check out Men’s Faces As Half Women & Half Men.

Drag Queen Barbie…Another Fun Barbie For Your Collection







Via: [Incredible Things] [Design Taxi]

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Brittni Gibbs

February 6th, 2013

So what make this Barbie a drag queen? Is she anatomically correct? I don’t see how this is any different from any other Barbie. She could easily be called Oscar Barbie or red carpet Barbie

Emma R.

February 10th, 2013

^Exactly. Just because the doll was created by a cross-dresser doesn’t mean she is one.

brooke stephens

May 19th, 2013

NA A womAsI live with a Drag Queen…. former empress of Montana to be on point… and we take offense to this. To be A Drag Queen Barbie she would be dressed as a man and be Drag King barbie. And as. Drag Queen it would be Ken dressed

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