Reeeallly?…The Louis Vuitton Inspired Doggie Bag

Just about an hour ago, Richard wrote about a dog muzzle that will make your dog look like a duck. I’m not sure if it will make him quack like one too, but it’s definitely next level weird if you know what I mean. I thought I’d follow that up with another WTF dog do-dad, and I’ve chosen this ever so lovely Louis Vuitton inspired doggie bag.

This very unusual doggie bag has apparently been barking around the Internet since April of 2008. It’s one of those oldie but goodies that definitely deserves another look. It was created by designer Meryl Smith, and no, unfortunately it’s not for sale. I can’t help but wonder what the inspiration for this was. It could be a jab at all the celebrities who carry their dogs around with them like accessories in fancy handbags, or maybe it’s much simpler than that. Maybe it was just created to turn heads, which it definitely does. This Chihuahua doggie bag looks enough like a dog that I think my dog might actually bark at it!

According to Meryl’s website, it isn’t even a real handbag at all, it just looks like one. It’s really a paper mache dog-shaped sculpture which she made to look exactly like a real Louis Vuitton handbag. She used metal screen, paper mache, leather, gold paint, and zipper. The curators at the group exhibition at The Honey Space only requested that the artists create sculptures that would be the size of carry-on luggage for an airplane. But, if this was real, and if you had the chance to rock this doggie bag as your everyday handbag, would you do it? Is it creepy or cool? I haven’t decided what my take on it is yet (I’m leaning towards creepy), but it sure is creative!

The Louis Vuitton Inspired Doggie Bag

(Paper Mache Sculpture)





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    jackie 5 years

    thats creepy

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    JMS 5 years

    This is so creepy, I can’t tell you! It looks like they skinned a little dog and stamped their logo on it. Yuck!!!!

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