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DIY Vertical Lego Building Area On The Wall & Ceiling

DIY Vertical Lego Building Area On The Wall & Ceiling

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We recently got an email at Bit Rebels about a homegrown bio computer which is a computer built from donated computer parts which houses a soil container system that has wheatgrass planted in it. The heat from the PC heats the soil, which helps with the germination and growth of the wheatgrass. I went over to Total Geekdom to check it out as a possible article to feature on Bit Rebels. When I got there, I saw the bio computer, and it’s a beauty, but I saw something else that caught my attention even more.

Mike Schropp, Mr. Geekdom himself, built the most incredible custom Lego wall in his basement. Mike, like many of us, loves to build with Lego. If you do that too, you know that when you are finished, you have to clean up all Lego bricks scattered around on the floor, right? Sadly, we also have to take apart our builds many times too. We might spend an hour on an inspiring build, and then rip it apart in five seconds when we are cleaning up. I’ve been known to store my builds on top of my refrigerator or wherever I can find extra space, but sometimes they just have to be taken apart. It’s really the only downside to playing with Lego.

Mike wanted to come up with a solution to solve that dilemma and make building with Lego all about the building and less about the disassembling and cleaning up. After brainstorming about all kinds of different options, he finally decided to use the extra space in a corner on his wall and ceiling. He created a vertical, permanent Lego building area. This is super fabulous in every geeky way. You can click over to Lego Wall and Ceiling Build Area to get all the juicy details for how exactly he did this (and to see more pictures). It’s brilliant! Now when he builds something, it can just stay up there, on the wall or ceiling, out of the way. He can come back at any time and add a piece if he wants. It opens up the door to creating even more with a bucket of Lego. I wonder if I could make the entire ceiling of my bedroom a Lego building area. Hmm…

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Via: [Total Geekdom]

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