DIY Space Invaders Pixelated Paper Art

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I’ve been on a big Space Invaders kick lately. That is probably because a couple weeks ago I found my handheld Space Invaders game that I used to play nonstop when I was in grade school. When I compare that to what kids play these days, I’m surprised that something so simple held our attention for so long. I guess that is a true testament to how special those retro games really are.

I see Space Invaders art all the time when I’m checking out my favorite websites each day, and I always try to share the best stuff with you. It’s very interesting to see how different artists and designers interpret that game.

For example, these Space Invaders Aliens that I wrote about are a little twisted. The Space Invaders art I’m sharing with you today is fun and happy. I love both styles, and to me, it’s just great to see so much variety. This pixelated paper Space Invaders art might look complicated, but it’s not. It’s super easy! It’s just woven paper. Kate Lilley at Mini-Eco created these, and I think it is a brilliant idea. You just have to cut all your strips of colored paper and then weave them into strips of white paper (which are taped to the table to remain secure).

You can read her full tutorial on Geeky Weaves. She even includes how many vertical strips of paper you’ll need to cut for each one of these designs. So cool! She uses these paper designs to put on top of gifts as wrapping. If I received a gift with one of these on top, I wouldn’t care what was inside the box. As a matter of fact, I’d be happy with an empty box if this was on top. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Kate’s creations. She was also the one who came up with the Lego Key Holder that was so popular the other day. Her blog is the bomb-diggety!





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