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DIY Lego Key Holder: Let A Stromtrooper Guard Your Keys

DIY Lego Key Holder: Let A Stromtrooper Guard Your Keys

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We always talk about how it’s the little things in life that make us smile or giggle out loud that mean the most and create the best memories. Those are life’s best moments, and when I saw this very simple Lego creation, I got the biggest smile on my face ever. Sometimes the smallest and simplest Lego designs like this which take five minutes to put together are as inspiring to me as the huge massive ones that take people years to build.

Kate at Mini-Eco got the inspiration to make this after reading an article on Technabob from last summer about Lego key holders. I remember seeing that original article too, but that particular design didn’t appeal to me.

Apparently it didn’t appeal to Kate either, but she took the basic concept of what the original person did, and she made it way better in my opinion. To make this, you only need the 6 pieces shown in the picture below. Once you put it together, you can just stick it to the wall with that foamy sticky tape stuff that you can get at the hardware store. Of course, you can use any Lego minifig you want to be the guardian of your keys, but I really like Kate’s choice of using a stormtrooper. I snooped around at some of the other tutorials on her website too, and she’s got a lot of great stuff there! I hope you check it out.




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