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What do you think of when you hear the word artifact? I think of some archaeological find from an earlier time in history. As it turns out, technology is moving so fast that even some gadgets that we may have seen our parents use when we were children are now considered by some people to be artifacts.

Things that fall into this category might be typewriters (remember using Liquid Paper?), AM radios, first generation video cameras (they were too heavy for me to hold), and those old-timey projectors that people used to watch movies on. My great grandfather had one of those, I remember seeing it in his attic after he passed away.

Artist Max De Esteban, who lives in Spain, decided to do something very unique with these artifacts. He took each gadget apart and photographed the individual pieces that were on the inside. Then he took each photograph and pieced it together to form an x-ray of the gadget itself. He put all these interesting photographs together into a collection called Proposition One.

On his website he writes, “This series of images have an x-ray, mortuary quality; as forensic testimonies of a past existence. Each photograph becomes a generic symbol of decay and death.” I don’t really get that morbid feeling from these pictures, I think they’re wickedly cool. You can view the entire collection on his website. One of the gadgets is a Polaroid Camera. I’ve always wanted one of those, and I found one today on Amazon. Maybe I’ll buy myself one of those cameras for my birthday this year. How fun!

Photography Of Old Devices

Photography Of Old Devices

Photography Of Old Devices

Photography Of Old Devices

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