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I Wanna Eat That…Nintendo DS Lite Cases That Look Like Dessert

I Wanna Eat That…Nintendo DS Lite Cases That Look Like Dessert

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We already know that social media and food are a match made in heaven. I’ve written about it before. Now that we are all tweeting while we eat, posting pictures of everything we make in the kitchen, exchanging recipes on Pinterest, posting restaurant pictures on Facebook and visiting food websites like crazy, there is no question that social media and food go together well. That seems to be spilling over onto our gadgets too, which you’ll get a taste of in these delicious looking Nintendo DS Lite cases.

We’ve seen plenty of iPhone cases inspired by food designs (check out this Japanese Unagi iPhone Cover), but this is the first time I’ve seen such creations for a DS. I always think of a DS as being a kid’s gadget, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this. These DS Lite cases look good enough to eat, literally. I just want to pick up one of these and take a bite. They are inspired by chocolate, strawberries, and waffle shaped pastries covered in whipped cream and fancy little candies.

You can choose between white chocolate, milk chocolate, mint or grape flavor. Well, it’s not really a flavor since you can’t eat it, but you know what I mean. See how confusing this fake food can be? You can order one of these sweet and unique DS Lite cases in The Kawaii Official Etsy store. Just like the word kawaii implies, she creates each one of these cases individually with lots of TLC, and she can even make one for a different device if you just ask. They sell for $12.75 each, which is insanely inexpensive. I wish she had a picture posted of what it looks like when the DS is opened. I also wish I knew what this was made from. I wonder if the case is squishy or hard. Either way, yum!

Delicious Looking Nintendo DS Lite Cases

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