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DesignBro – Delivering Top-Notch Yet Affordable Designs To Businesses

DesignBro – Delivering Top-Notch Yet Affordable Designs To Businesses

3 Weeks Ago By Richard Darell

The importance of design for creating a positive image of a brand is a concept that all modern entrepreneurs are aware of and this is we are taking a closer look at the all new DesignBro platform. Be it the packaging of a product, the font of a business card, or the logo of a brand, all of these elements play a crucial role in impressing prospective clients or customers.

Unfortunately, most small enterprises and new ventures cannot afford agency quality designs, and a reliable freelance designer is incredibly hard to find. To top it all, most of the design contest platforms offer numerous design options but hardly any meet the expectations of the requestor. This is primarily due to the fact that top-notch designers do not prefer these platforms because the chances of earning are low due to a large number of contestants.

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This fundamental flaw in the model of such platforms makes it extremely difficult for businesses with a limited budget to create an excellent brand identity for their venture. Fortunately, the recently launched design platform, DesignBro, aims to disrupt the existing ranks and to change the rules of the design game with its innovative model that is friendly for both freelance designers and young businesses.

This one of a kind design platform is the brainchild of brothers-in-law, Christiaan and PJ, and the name DesignBro has a two-fold significance. It refers to this platform serving as a design broker and also to the relationship between its founders. What sets DesignBro apart from the existing design platforms such as Designhill, Designcrowd, and 99Designs is the careful curation of designers to maintain high standards in terms of quality. With the current hand-picked team of 200 designers, DesignBro aims to deliver more than 7000 designs per month.

Every designer has to go through a selection process based on their portfolio before they get a spot on this unique design platform. This ensures that only the best make it through, which guarantees agency quality designs for the clients at freelance prices.

DesignBro also makes sure that talented designers join this design community by allowing only ten spots for each design contest, thereby offering much higher chances of winning as compared to the industry standards. What is more, this design platform also awards a payment to the finalists, encouraging them to participate in future contests. This payment model is aimed to attract the best in class designers and DesignBro’s current team boasts of individuals who have worked with well-known brands such as Dulux, Havana Club, Starbucks, and Carlsberg, among others.

With a model that entices professional level designers and prices that can be afforded by small and medium sized businesses, DesignBro delivers top-notch designs to enterprises that help them in establishing a strong foothold in the industry and in creating an impressive brand identity.

Businesses can simply log onto the website and type in a briefing that explains their requirements and then choose a winner from the ten high-quality options provided by the designers. This is definitely a huge step in the direction of the creation of a design community that surpasses all others in terms of quality. A design platform that is easy to use, trustworthy, and affordable, DesignBro is definitely an irreplaceable resource for new businesses that are looking to expand their reach with an outstanding brand design.

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DesignBro – Delivering Top-Notch Yet Affordable Designs To Businesses

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