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Delicious Style: Raspberry Scratch-N-Sniff Jeans For Men

Delicious Style: Raspberry Scratch-N-Sniff Jeans For Men

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

This is so much fun! I’ve heard about scratch-n-sniff jeans for years, but I always thought they were an urban legend. Today I found out they are for real, and dannnnngit, I wish they didn’t only make them for men. Wait a minute; I’ve worn men’s jeans before, maybe I can make this work. I read that they will introduce these for women next season, so I will probably just wait until then.

The only problem is, the company who makes these, Naked and Famous Denim, only made 500 pairs. They are part of a limited edition collection that is apparently very limited. They cost $150 a pair, and if there are any left, you can order them by calling 702.463.3322 in the States. I just called to ask a few questions, but they’re in Las Vegas, so they’re still sleeping over there. I got voicemail.

This particular pair smells like raspberries. The smell fades over time; however, it will last for at least five washings. Since blue jeans don’t have to be washed a lot (really, they don’t, read the science behind jeans germs), that means you could probably make these jeans keep their raspberry scent for several months before it starts to fade away. You can read an interesting interview with Naked and Famous Denim’s founder on Rawr Denim. I want a woman’s pair that smells like dark chocolate, caramel and marshmallows. I wonder if that’s possible.

Raspberry Smelling Japanese Jeans

Raspberry Smelling Japanese Jeans

Fruit Smelling Japanese Jeans

Fruit Smelling Japanese Jeans

Via: [Oddity Central] [Feature Sneaker Boutique]

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