Custom Hairball Jewelry Made From Your Pet’s Hair

Do you have a cat? If so, look down at your clothes; do you have cat hair on you? I’m not much of a cat person, but my dear friend @mistygirlph loves cats. Her family in the Philippines has over twenty of them in their home, so I will dedicate this article to her.

Whether you have dogs or cats or both, you are probably familiar with the disgusting hairballs that linger around the house if they aren’t brushed regularly. I’m happy to say that now instead of being frustrated with those hairballs, you can collect them and have some beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry made out of it. The best part is that it will be a way to take your beloved pets with you everywhere.

My nose is getting itchy and I’m about to sneeze just from writing about this. I have to admit, as ridiculous as this might seem, the jewelry actually looks really stylish! I have to give huge props to jewelry designer Heidi Abrahamson for her creativity. If you would like Heidi to make some hairball jewelry for you, just contact her through her website. I can’t imagine collecting hairballs to send to her. *gag*

Fashion Trend Hairball jewelry

Fashion Trend Hairball Jewelry

Fashion Trend Hairball Jewelry

Fashion Trend Hairball Jewelry

Fashion Trend Hairball Jewelry

Via: [Incredible Things] [Modern Cat] Header Image Credit: [Pictures From My Window]


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    TRWS 3 years

    Good idea but I don’t like pet hairs.

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