Creative Ways To Transform Digital Photos Into Printed Memories

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Back in the old days, almost all photography required some sort of skills. When we saw pictures with cool effects and lighting, we knew the photographer spent a lot of time learning how to get that particular look. These days, while professional photographers still blow us away with their artistry, ordinary people like you and me can also get some pretty nifty effects on our photos.

The whole craft of photography has changed in recent years now that almost everyone has a camera on their smartphone. The number of apps and social sites that are available for photographers is mind-boggling. Most people I know store their photographs on Facebook, or they just keep them in digital format on their phone. Do you still print a physical copy for a photo album? I don’t. It’s a little sad though because displaying pictures at home is so special.

I remember years ago spending hours placing photographs meticulously in hand-selected frames and hanging them on the walls. They make any room feel cozy. What if you wanted to get into that spirit of printing photos again? Would you even know where to start? It’s almost a lost art, isn’t it? I found a couple of goodies over at Wonder How To which offer some creative ideas about this. The first few pictures below are from an article entitled 12 Websites For Taking Your Instagrams From Digital To Physical. It’s a fabulous article with lots of helpful hints. Beneath the pictures is an infographic by Yumi which illustrates six ways to display photos in your home which are a little more creative than using standard photo frames. I hope you enjoy these ideas as much as I did!

Digital Photos To Printed Memories

Digital Photos To Printed Memories

Digital Photos To Printed Memories

Digital Photos To Printed Memories

Click Here For An Enlarged “No More Frames” Infographic

Frame Photos Without Frames

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