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Creative Cocktail Recipes Inspired By The Avengers

I was surprised this morning when I heard that The Avengers was number one at the box office again this past weekend. That movie is still going strong, and everyone I’ve talked to who has seen it has really enjoyed it. It will be no surprise when we start hearing about the next Avengers movie since a second one is almost inevitable at this point.

In keeping with typical Avengers style, I’m sure they will change up the roster a little bit. Who do you think they will add to the team? My friend Andrew recently wrote about his picks for the next movie. You can read about that at 10 Superheroes Primed For Avengers 2.

I have something to share with you today that will add a little Avengers spirit to your next movie night. These are Avengers inspired cocktail recipes. They were created by the blogger at The More I Arty, and I have to really give him or her props on these creative looking drink concoctions. I was a cocktail waitress and bartender when I was attending University, and I can actually imagine that some of these would taste really good. They would be even better if drinking them would infuse superpowers into our bodies, right? Hulk and Captain America look like the most delicious ones to me. What do you think? If you would like to geek it up a little more when it comes to your cocktails, check out this Hydraulic Drink Mixing Typewriter.

Via: [Flavorwire]