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Cork Portraits: “Put A Cork In It” Gets A Whole New Meaning

Cork Portraits: “Put A Cork In It” Gets A Whole New Meaning

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The materials used to create art just 20 years ago were limited to pretty much a brush, some color and of course the canvas. However, as we’ve grown more used to awesome paintings over the years, it’s almost impossible to impress anyone anymore with our skills to perfectly portray the human body or the world itself. This has in turn lead artists to venture out into uncharted territory to find new ways to create art. After all, they want their stuff to be seen, debated and traded so going a little bit… Well, off the scale, is probably a good thing. We’ve seen no-name artists become well known masters of their trade in literally a matter of days.

I was quite excited to find that the material used in some artwork goes far beyond what we all think would be good for creating stunning art. I was even more excited when I found the artwork of Scott Gundersen. You would think it would make sense, but it just doesn’t. The material Scott uses is pure cork, and the way he uses it is he layers it just right to create the shadows of the portraits he so masterfully creates.

As the title implies, “Put A Cork In It” gets a whole new meaning when you look at the insane and skill demanding portraits Scott has managed to put together using over a thousand corks per artwork. We could start to wonder if Scott is enjoying life to its fullest drinking a ton of wine or champagne since he seems to have an unlimited supply of the material he uses, cork. Well, I know… I was just trying to be funny, but I guess art is more important than that, and the way he acquires the corks may be his own secret. They need to come from somewhere though, right? These pieces of artwork are just amazing in every way, and you really need to check out the video to understand the complexity of the whole thing. Check out Scott’s Tumblr page for a TON of other portraits as well!

Realistic Portraits Created Using Cork

Realistic Portraits Created Using Cork

Realistic Portraits Created Using Cork

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