Cookie Cup: The Mouth-Watering Edible Coffee Cup

In many parts of the world, drinking a cup of coffee represents a lot more than just drinking coffee, if you know what I mean. Sitting down with a fresh, hot cup of our favorite coffee is like carving out a tiny slice of heaven and savoring it for a few minutes. Sipping coffee with a friend makes it all taste even better, and for many of us, it’s become part of our daily routine. So, what could we possibly do to enhance our coffee drinking experience even more? We could drink it from a cookie cup of course!

What you are looking at in the pictures below is an edible coffee cup which tastes like a cookie. The white that is on the inside of the Cookie Cup is a layer of sugar icing which not only makes the cup waterproof so the coffee doesn’t soak through to the cookie while you are drinking it, but it also slowly melts to sweeten the coffee inside the cup. Apparently they sell these with chocolate sugar icing on the inside too.

The idea is that you drink your coffee from the Cookie Cup and then eat the cup. Or, I suppose, like a waffle ice cream cone, once your coffee gets low, you could break off pieces of the cup and eat it while you go. This is not a concept design. This is for real! The brilliant Venezuelan designer who came up with this idea is Enrique Luis Sardi. His love for the experience of drinking coffee shines through this design brightly. These are sold at Lavazza, which is a famous Italian coffee company. Enrique’s Cookie Cup design has won hundreds of awards for ecology, marketing, business strategy and design. I wish Starbucks in the States sold these because I’d buy one every week. There are few things in life that would taste better than a Caramel Macchiato served in one of these cups.

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Via: [The Watering Mouth] [That’s Nerdalicious] Image Credit: [Sardi Innovation]


  • comment-avatar
    karen butcher 5 years

    These are not yet for sale as far as what I can find… if they are, can you share where?

  • comment-avatar
    jamie 4 years

    where do i get these at for i want to buy some.

  • comment-avatar
    Kim 4 years

    Where do you buy these cookie coffee cups? And what do they cost?

  • comment-avatar
    Sarah 4 years

    Where can I buy one of these??

  • comment-avatar
    Carrie 4 years

    Love it. Where can I find these?

  • comment-avatar
    Tem 4 years

    I would love to buy several cookie coffee cups. I love them!!! Where can I find them? How can I buy them?

  • comment-avatar
    Lady Di 4 years

    Love love love this cup. I want some of these. Where can you purchase them?

  • comment-avatar
    Rosemary 4 years

    These are no longer for sale, taken off in 2003 due to budget.

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