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Colorful & Creative Bicycle Planters To Spice Up Your Bike

Colorful & Creative Bicycle Planters To Spice Up Your Bike

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I ride my bike a lot, and it’s definitely my main source of inspiration and exercise. When you ride a bike as much as I do, you start daydreaming about ways you can do everyday things while riding your bike at the same time. I’ve written about everything from how to carry a six pack of beer to how to tweet while riding a bike simultaneously.

Today it’s a little more about home decor, or shall I say bike decor. Many of us put plants in our homes to make us feel cozy and happy, so why not add them to our bikes too? After all, if you are riding your bike in a big city like me, there aren’t always plants around outside to give you that serene feeling of home.

These are bike planters created with a 3D printer. It’s not only a way to add a little sunshine to your bike, but also a way to bring some geeky, futuristic happiness to your bike rides. These little planters are created digitally with modeling software and printed out of nylon. They are hand dyed these gorgeous colors. Each one attaches to your bike with a small cord. You just take a little snip of your favorite plant and put it right in there. You can pick up one of these unique little bike accessories in the wearable planter Etsy shop for $45.





Via: [toildrops]

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