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Coffee & Milk Art: A Simple Weekend Project For Kids

Coffee & Milk Art: A Simple Weekend Project For Kids

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Are you looking for a creative little project to do with the kids this weekend? I’ve got the perfect thing for you to try. This takes very little effort, but creates a really fun effect. All you need is some coffee, milk, and a couple packages of those small paper cups from the supermarket.

This is coffee and milk art, which was featured as one of the latest little art installations on Low-Commitment Projects. You can create all kinds of color shades by simply mixing different amounts of coffee into the milk. If you set these cups on the floor, and then stand on a stool with your iPhone to get a picture from above, your kids will get a good view of their creation on your phone since it’s hard to see the design when you look at it up close.

According to the artist, Tae, you don’t have to stop with just coffee and milk. If you prefer, you could also try this with different colored sodas, like strawberry soda mixed with Sprite, etc… Of course, it might be wise to put a tablecloth or old sheet on the floor beneath all these cups because spilling is part of the fun. I wonder who will drank all that coffee when this project was finished. If you want to see another very fast and easy project from this same team of artists, click over to 9 Creative Sandwich Designs That Require Very Little Effort.

Project With The Kids

Project With The Kids

Project With The Kids

Project With The Kids

Project With The Kids

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