A Clever Little iPhone Holder That You Don’t Know You Want Yet

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This little iPhone holder is one of those designs that just makes you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s exactly what so many of us need, and in an odd way, there is something cozy about it too. How many times have you plugged your iPhone charger into the wall and then laid your iPhone on the floor while it charges? I do it all the time. Think about that for a moment. Isn’t it strange that we do that without giving it a second thought? Wouldn’t it be nice if our iPhone didn’t have to lay on the floor with the cord dangling down? Have you ever tripped on it while it’s charging? I have.

This little iPod or iPhone holder has one purpose, and that’s too keep your device off the floor or kitchen counter while it’s charging. Instead, it will rest safely in this little cradle which attaches to your charger. It’s compatible with most cases too, so if you usually charge your iPod or iPhone while it’s in a case, you’ll be all good.

This iPhone holder is called pi Mount, and it’s elegant design will match your device. If you are wondering why it’s called the pi Mount, look at the front of it. It looks like the pi symbol. See it? (It took me a while to figure that out) I think this is such a cute little design. Now we can use this clever iPhone holder to protect our phones and iPods when they are being charged. It totally makes sense to me. The only thing that would make this design better would be if there was a way to keep the cord from still dangling, but maybe that’s too much to ask. You can pick one of these up over at pi Mount for $9.

The Little iPhone Holder Design That Will Cradle Your Phone






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