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Chuck Close Portrait Created Using Only Lego

Chuck Close Portrait Created Using Only Lego

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

So what do you do when you have finally used up all your colored Lego blocks, and you are left with bucket loads of black, gray and white ones (and of course an array of assorted scattered colors)? Do you start to build a rocket or just a white wall? There are several builds to choose from, but that’s not the point. The point is, what will make the most sense to do with a pile of blocks that are seemingly very close in color? What you could do is nothing at all. You could just let them sit in your bucket and not touch them. That is one approach that I think plenty of people explore. However, as relaxing as that might sound, that isn’t exactly what a true Lego fanatic would do, is it?

Nope, and Joe Black is the one to prove it. He was left with a few blocks of similar colors, and he got the ultimate idea. I don’t know if it was true that he was left with these blocks, but he got an idea that will make any Lego enthusiast drool. He decided to create a huge Lego portrait of the famous self-portrait by the father of photo realism, Chuck Close, from 1968. It’s on a micro-epic scale as well.

If you think Lego isn’t good for anything other than building houses, cranes and landscapes, you are completely wrong. Joe shows us that since he created something that from a distance looks as real as any portrait you would put up on your wall. It must be a really happy feeling to enter a room, gaze upon this piece, think it must be a real portrait, and then find out that it is created entirely out of Lego. It’s amazingly well done, and I wish I had the cleverness to do something similar.

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Chuck Close Lego Self Portrait

Chuck Close Lego Self Portrait

Chuck Close Lego Self Portrait

Chuck Close Lego Self Portrait

Chuck Close Lego Self Portrait

Chuck Close Lego Self Portrait

Via: [Dude Craft]

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