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Celebrate Spring With Delicate Bud Vases Made From Eggshells

Celebrate Spring With Delicate Bud Vases Made From Eggshells

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

It’s that time of year when suddenly eggs get popular again. We start seeing all kinds of eggshell designs being shared in social media, and usually they are brightly colored with blues, pinks and yellows. As a matter of fact, my son and I colored some eggs last year, and I tweeted a picture. You can see them here.

So when I saw this very clever eggshell bud vase design, the first thing I noticed was that the eggs were left their natural color, which looks so beautiful and serene. Lucy, the very creative blogger over at Craftberry Bush, came up with this idea. She brilliantly chipped a hole in the top of each egg, drained the egg out of the shell, secured the eggshells to a mirror with candle wax, filled them with water, and inserted the flowers. How gorgeous is that? She was sure neat with the candle wax. Every time I work with wax, I make a big mess.

These are delicate and lovely in every way, and they even have a hint of romance to them since the flowers she chose were roses. Please click over to Craftberry Bush to see all the other great ideas from Lucy. She’s got some fabulous tips over there, and I even saw some instructions for making natural Easter egg dye. I love these little eggshell vases, but I’d have to be sure to display them up high otherwise my dog would knock them down and squash them in about two seconds.



Via: [Craft]

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