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Cable Girl Stays Connected Despite Being Entangled

Cable Girl Stays Connected Despite Being Entangled

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

The curious variations of art have long mesmerized the world to the point where nothing really seems odd or weird anymore. We look at it with a confused understanding and nod our heads as if we are in complete sync with the thoughts that lie behind its construction. If anything, that seems odd to me. Technology has come to play an ever bigger part in art today as well. That becomes apparent when you look at what artist Kasey McMahon put together. Her piece called “Connected” is a sort of a cable girl. Put together by USB and networking (CAT5) cables, this cable girl stays connected even though she’s entangled in a very peculiar way.

It’s a remarkable piece of art really when you start to think about it. My own humble understanding is that it’s all about the world we live in today and how the Internet and technology keeps us busy and connected in some form or way. But cable girl is also a sort of self portrait, which I assume reflects how Kasey herself treads the Internet to find inspiration and connect with other people. Maybe she is also an Internet addict who just can’t seem to log off this fast paced highway of information.

When I first looked at this cable girl, I was struck by the precision of it all. It might seem easy to cram a bunch of cables together and form them into a human being, right? But this cable girl is a life-sized sculpture that depicts the female body in quite a complicated way. Using cable girl as a cable hub at some Internet company would probably be quite tempting, but I am afraid she wouldn’t last long since anyone who has ever worked for a company like this knows that before long, cable girl would be without cables and in an instant cease to exist. It’s not exactly a happy ending for something that has been created to capture today’s urge to stay connected. Nah, I think we’ll leave cable girl in her yoga styled position so she can continue to stay connected. I urge you to check out other art creations by Kasey on her art gallery website since her cable girl piece is far from the only exceptional mind child she’s given birth to.




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