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Bizarre Body Painting Art (These Aren’t Photoshopped…Really!)

Bizarre Body Painting Art (These Aren’t Photoshopped…Really!)

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

It’s fun to see how some people use their bodies as a canvas for incredible and sometimes bizarre art. Whether they choose to decorate their skin with creative tattoos, painful looking piercings or hyper-realistic body painting art like this, it’s always worth a peek to see what they’ve done. The body painting art you see below was created without Photoshop (or any digital editing software). It’s true!

These were all made by a 19-year-old Japanese artist named Chooo-san. If you click over to her website, you’ll see these aren’t the only ones. There are some others there that will blow your mind also. She uses acrylic paint to create her skin illusions, and sometimes she even adds a few props to make them even more believable. I wonder how long it takes her to paint each one of these. You can see that in addition to painting the designs, she’s set up each photo quite nicely as well. She’s a master of creating the shadows and depth in just the right places. The fat and skinny contrast of the buttons being buttoned up and then popped open is kinda creepy, which makes it all even more interesting.

Body painting has come a long way over the years. I remember when it was really popular back in 2009 and 2010. Back then, it was more about shockingly bright colors and fancy designs. These days, a lot of artists are incorporating illusions into their body paintings. Whether it’s body painting art like this, or just a painting on someone’s head or fingers, there really is no limit to the element of surprise and illusion. The human body can be used in so many different ways when it comes to art. Based on this and her previous body painting art collections, Chooo-san is well on her way to being known as one of the greats when it comes to this type of artistry.

Body Painting Art With A Zipper & Button Theme








Via: [My Modern Met]

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March 21st, 2013

Such talent and patience from anyone let alone someone so young … I look forward to many more creations in the future … And I wish I had that switch on the back of my neck! Would be very useful …


July 18th, 2013

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