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Beer Jello Shots (Complete With Tiny Foam Heads)

Beer Jello Shots (Complete With Tiny Foam Heads)

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I used to think jello shots were so 1999 until I realized they are just as popular now as back then, they just look different. They used to look boring and feel slimy. I was always too skeeeved out to try one back then. These days jello shots are a little more sophisticated. I suppose it’s a stretch to call a jello shot sophisticated, but they are definitely more creative and a lot more fun.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just click over to 10 Remarkable Jello Shot Designs. I also wrote about a birthday jello shot cupcake which is pretty remarkable, I mean, considering it’s a jello shot and all. Today’s jello shot design comes from 1 Fine Cookie.

These are itty-bitty beer jello shots made in fancy little shot glasses. It’s the tiny foam heads on these beers that make them the ultimate in cuteness. You can use any kind of beer for these shots, so the sky is the limit. You can even use champagne, but in that case, you probably wouldn’t want to put them in these shot glasses. You can learn how to make champagne jello shots here. If you would like to make these beer shots for yourself, just click over to Beer Jello Shots for the full recipe and tutorial, including where you can get these little shot glasses.

Mardi Gras Unusual Jello Shot






Via: [Neatorama]

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