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Become A Sea Princess With Functional Mermaid Tails

Become A Sea Princess With Functional Mermaid Tails

4 Years Ago By Kimberly Erskine

For over a week now the United States has been experiencing a major heatwave with the highest temperatures in years. Here in New Jersey, the average temperature has been at least 97 degrees. Thunderstorms have also become a nightly event, causing a bit of damage and numerous power outages, especially for those who live by the shore. When it is not storming, many people have taken to water-related activities such as swimming to stay cool. If there is one industry that’s benefiting from this excessive heat, it’s got to be the swimsuit industry. However, the problem with swimsuits is that despite their constant evolution over the years, they can still be rather boring.

Wouldn’t it be cooler if you had a mermaid tail to swim around in like Ariel? Mermaid tails are surely more beautiful than bikini bottoms or the dreaded one-piece suit. Somehow the idea of wearing a mermaid tail seems a lot less awkward. I mean, for Ariel it’s not an article of clothing, it’s a part of her identity. It’s something that uniquely defines her, and something she cannot change. Okay, so maybe having a permanent, real mermaid tail would be less than ideal. For Ariel, it made her relationship with the human, non-mermaid Prince Eric a bit tricky, and in our present-day world I’m sure the challenges of getting around with a mermaid tail on a daily basis would only be magnified. Having a mermaid tail strictly for swimming is the ideal solution.

Lucky for us, Etsy user monikanaumann created a series of functional mermaid tails for swimming. In order to ensure a perfect fit, each mermaid tail is custom made. Monikanaumann asks that when ordering, you submit the size of your waist, hips, and shoes. The mermaid tails are available in sparkly versions of green, red, blue, orange and fuchsia pink and are created with swim-fabric to ensure that they are waterproof. If you want to get your hands on one of these mermaid tails, it will come at a hefty price. The tails are currently listed at $250 plus shipping, but for something as unique as these, cost hardly seems like an issue. These mermaid tails are sure to make you the talk of the beach or pool and the princess of the sea.





Via: [monikanaumann]

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