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Beautiful Lingerie Crafted From Aluminum Cans

Beautiful Lingerie Crafted From Aluminum Cans

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We’ve featured a lot of interesting bras and panties on Bit Rebels in the past, and it always surprises me how lingerie inspires some artists. I like to shop at Victoria’s Secret as much as anyone else, but we all know it’s a little pricey. That’s why I published How To: Make Edible Panties From Noodles. Instead of spending 30 bucks for a cute pair of panties, just buy yourself a 30-cent bag of Ramen noodles and knit a pair. The video showing that person knitting those noodles still blows my mind. Yeah, right, I know. I wouldn’t do it either. I’ve refused to buy Ramen noodles ever since I lived in the dorm at University and watched my roommate puke after a Ramen noodle eating contest, but I’ll save that story for another day.

Another option are these hand painted Nintendo bras. If you want to look like a real princess, slip on this pink Princess Peach bra and let your geeky boyfriend save you with a big smile. Today I’m featuring a different kind of creative lingerie. It’s lingerie that is made to be displayed, not worn, but it is still magnificent in its own way.

This collection, created by Ingrid Goldbloom, is called “Trashy Lingerie” since each piece is made from soda cans she found littered on the beach. She basically collected the cans, cut them up, and wove together the strips of aluminum into these beautiful pieces. Ingrid is known for creating unusual artwork. She’s also made some men’s ties from business cards and a quilt made from tampons. You can learn more about her at Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch. I can’t believe it only took her two hours to make each one of these. I could spend a month with some old soda cans and not be able to make anything that looked this incredible. Nice job!

Bras Panties Made With Cans

Bras Panties Made From Cans

Bras Panties Made From Cans

Bras Panties Made From Cans

Bras Panties Made From Cans

Bras Panties Made From Cans

Bras Panties Made From Cans

Via: [Daily Mail]

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