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The Barbie Design That Exposes Her Real Anatomy

The Barbie Design That Exposes Her Real Anatomy

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen a Barbie design quite like this before. Part of me is bummed out as I write about it though. I was hoping that Barbie was really a gay man. Weren’t you? I thought it would be so much fun to find out that she’s (or he’s) been spoofing us all these years, but after seeing these images, I suppose I’m ready to concede that’s she’s really a woman. It wasn’t so far-fetched to think she was a man though. I mean, we’ve already busted Ken in bed with other men, and she does look very pretty as Drag Queen Barbie, so it all started to make sense. I was sure that she was really a very beautiful gay man all along. However, after seeing Jason Freeny’s recent Barbie design, which show’s Barbie’s real anatomy, I guess she’s a woman after all.

If you are familiar with Jason Freeny’s work, you know he is a fan of the inside of things. Whether it’s the inside of a LEGO minifigure, the inside of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man or the inside of Super Mario, he always digs into the anatomy of things. This time around, the object of his desire was Barbie herself, and you can see his fabulous results below.

According to Jason’s Facebook page, he calls this barbie design Anatomical Barbie Model, and he’s selling prints over at Moist Production. He says the prints look amazing since he got a new 18mp Canon camera to replace the 8mp one he had before. I have to give Barbie credit, she still looks beautiful even all dissected and exposed like this. No matter what happens, she always manages to keep a smile on her face (I have a feeling her blood runs pink too). I wonder who or what Jason will dissect next. I would like to see what the inside of the Twitter bird, a hipster, a zombie, Lady Gaga and a Space Invader look like.

Jason Freeny’s Barbie Design: Anatomical Barbie Model








Via: [Laughing Squid]

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