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Awesome Illustrations by Simon Vieria

Awesome Illustrations by Simon Vieria

7 Years Ago By Misty Belardo

I was in a store today drooling over some art materials that I would definitely love to use when I do my sketching.  I really find it very relaxing to just doodle and sketch out my next design or my next article ideas.  To be honest, I was quite surprised that most of the designers I speak with really don’t do much hand drawn illustration. But of course, to each his own, every artist and designer has their own style and ways to express their creativity.

One designer that I truly admire is Simon Vieria, a digital artist from Vancouver, Canada.  His passion and skills lie in Interactive design, branding and illustration. He is  also a motion designer, martial artist, poet and proud father.

His work is young, dynamic, fun and striking. He makes the lines and colors jump out of the page. I particularly love his way of using his illustrations to bring out the character and brand essence with his logo and brand packaging designs.  You can see the details of the work he did for Diligo which was published in  It’s really cool.  I have included a video here of his work on a Title sequence.  I think it was amazing.  What do you think?

You can check out more of his works HERE

Jacobo Title Sequence from Simon Vieira on Vimeo.

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