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Abandoned Car Photography: Discarded Trash Becomes A Treasure

Abandoned Car Photography: Discarded Trash Becomes A Treasure

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

One of the things that separates an average photographer from a great photographer is the ability to create magical, intriguing photos from every day things that could be otherwise considered boring and not worth a second look. It’s truly a gift when talented photographers do this. It’s like they are able to see with a different set of eyes than the rest of us.

Take this collection of abandoned cars for example. It’s called From the Backseat of My Car by photographer Alicia Rius. She writes, “I did not plan this project. I never looked for these cars, and in fact, I think they found me. I wanted to immortalize their beauty and turn them into something romantic.

These photos are truly stunning, and everything about them from the rusty seats to the purple wildflowers to the old tires are completely given a new life. I love those big old-fashioned steering wheels. The lighting and the colors in these photographs really makes them pop and come alive. I would love to know where she first saw these abandoned cars. This just goes to show that what one person considers trash; another person considers a treasure. You can view more of Alicia’s photography on her website.

Photography Of Abandoned Cars

Photographs Of Abandoned Cars

Photographs Of Abandoned Cars

Photographs Of Abandoned Cars

Photographs Of Abandoned Cars

Via: [Junk Culture]

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One Comment

Jasmin Pumphrey

September 11th, 2013

Hi i am a photography student and had been inspired by your abandoned and discarded photographs. i’d like to ask you some questions to help me with my A-level photography as my chosen theme is abandoned and discarded photography.
-how did you get into photography?
-what made you chose to take some photographs based on abandoned and discarded
– did you use photoshop in any of your photographs?
-where did you go to take these abandoned and discaded photographs?


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