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A Bizarrely Creative Mashup: Star Wars & Classic Scary Movies

A Bizarrely Creative Mashup: Star Wars & Classic Scary Movies

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Just the other day when Richard wrote about the mythology creatures as pinups, he mentioned that artists are now putting together the most unexpected things into their mashups, and the result is usually a brain-twisting ride into the unknown. There really are no limits to how creative these mashups can be, and lately it seems, the more unusual, the better.

Today I have another bizarrely interesting one to show you. These illustrations are of Star Wars mashed up with some pretty scary movies. You’ll see Yoda with a Hannibal Lecter mask, Princess Leia as Elvira, a petrified Ewok amongst the bad gremlins, Princess Leia as the It clown and more. Even though the thought behind these illustrations feels evil in a scary movie kind of way, I love the colors and the execution. These posters are truly beautiful.

I wish I knew who the artist was that created these so I could give him or her proper credit. I found them on Joe’s Daily, and there was no source information listed. I even tried Google. If you know who made these great illustrations, please let us know so we can credit him or her. I do notice the words Ghostfreehood one on of them, so perhaps this deviantARTist gets the credit (for one of them at least!).

Gremlins Movie Star Wars Mashup

Princess Leia Horror Movie Mashup

Luke Skywalker Movie Mix Poster

Yoda Hannibal Lecter Poster

Princess Leia Star Wars Poster

Chewbacca Genie Movie Poster

Scary Movie Star Wars Poster

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