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8 Types Of Infographics & Which One To Use When [Infographic]

8 Types Of Infographics & Which One To Use When [Infographic]

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Whether you love them or hate them, infographics are still one of the most effective ways to present a lot of information in an interesting, concise and easily digestible way. It’s much faster to get the gist of something by scanning an infographic than reading several paragraphs of text. There have been a lot of bad infographics presented over the past few years, but overall, I’m noticing that the quality is going up. Did you know there are different styles of infographics? Today I’d like to share the 8 types of infographics with you.

There are probably more than 8 types of infographics in the world, but for the purpose of this article, let’s just say there are 8 types. Below you will see one main infographic that gives an overview about which infographic to use in which situation. Below that, you will see 8 mini-infographics which describe each one of the 8 types in more detail.

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This well put together presentation was the result of a collaboration between Neo Mammalian Studios and Econsultancy. The way our brains perceive imagery supports the effectiveness of infographics, but never before today did I realize that certain types of infographics are more effective than others depending on the content being presented.

If you are an infographic designer, you can get more detailed information about this. Just click over to the article on Econsultancy called Which Infographic Is Right For You?. It provides a comprehensive overview of this topic. Thank you, Danny Ashton, for breaking this down in such a informative way.

The only question left is, which of these 8 types of infographics is your favorite? I tried to answer that question myself, but I can’t decide. If an infographic is done well, and if it provides useful information that is accurate and reliable, it doesn’t matter to me which format it’s in. I like them all.

Which Infographic To Use – Depending On Your Content

See descriptions of each one below this infographic
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The 8 Types Of Infographics Below

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Via: [Econsultancy] [Neo Mammalian Studios]

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Mithu Hassan

April 5th, 2013

Deserved it to be shared !! Thanks !!

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April 23rd, 2013

Diana your post is very effective and informative to know about the infographics. I personally like these kinds of posts on blogs because infographic posts are very helpful to engage visitor or reader and this thing can improve our blog’s worth.

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