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8 Outrageous Hairstyles All For Charity

8 Outrageous Hairstyles All For Charity

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Woah! These are some wild and crazy hair designs. The best part is that they were part of an event to raise money for charity, so that makes them even better. My only question is, obviously these designs on top of these women’s heads aren’t all made out of hair. When do they become hats instead of hairstyles? I guess they can be both. I remember when I wrote about Nagi Noda’s hair designs, and she always called them hair hats since I suppose there is a combination of materials used to get certain looks.

I remember when I had a hot pink hair extension put in my hair just for fun about a year ago. After a while, it got all nastified on my head. I wonder how difficult it was for these women to take all this off after the hair show. I suppose that detail doesn’t matter, it would just be fun to be a part of all this creativity and excitement.

These models were part of an event called the Alternative Hair Show which is an annual fundraiser to benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma research. This event was recently held in the Moscow Kremlin, and it will be held again in about a week at the Royal Albert Hall in London. If you would like to buy tickets to the London event, you can go to Alternative Hair.

Alternative Hair Show London

Alternative Hair Show London

Alternative Hair Show London

Alternative Hair Show London

Alternative Hair Show London

Alternative Hair Show London

Hair Show For Charity

Hair Designs For Charity

Via: [Laughing Squid]

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