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8-Bit Space Invaders Inspired Micro House Design

8-Bit Space Invaders Inspired Micro House Design

3 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Micro houses are all the rage these days, and I could see myself living in one of them easily. I might not want to live in a house as small as the house that fits on the back of a tricycle (you can see that here in Portable House), but this 8-bit Space Invaders inspired micro house would be perfect. If you love the retro 8-bit games from the ’80s, you might just like this too.

The whole thing is designed like one big space invader, and it’s full of retro nostalgia and character. Even the inside is creative with its modular design. Like many micro houses, this one is portable and very lightweight. It’s designed to be packed up in standard shipping boxes and transported. The furniture is built into the house itself and part of the overall design.

If you look at the prototype picture below (the last one), you’ll see that each module of this micro house is separate, and each one can be added or taken away from the house. This space invader inspired house was designed by Studio Liu Lubin in Beijing, and it’s currently setup in a park there. Inside, there is a place inside to sleep, bathe, cook and work. There’s even little storage units built in (see the picture below with the books).

It’s apparently a very relaxing design in a very minimum space. I wish there was a store where we could easily buy one of these space invader micro houses, but unfortunately it’s not available like that. If you want to see more about Space Invaders, check out these Space Invaders If They Were Created Today. You’ll be able to see what those little aliens would look like if they were created with today’s graphics instead of the 8-bit style of the ’80s.

8-Bit Space Invaders Micro House Design

(Click Images To Enlarge)






The Prototype Stage (Below)


Via: [inthralld]

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