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6 Pairs Of Sunglasses Made From Oreo Cookies

6 Pairs Of Sunglasses Made From Oreo Cookies

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

It’s spring, which means it’s time to bust out the sunglasses for another season. I always have several pairs of sunglasses on hand since I lose or break them all the time. How about we change it up a little bit this year? How about we get some sunglasses made out of Oreo cookies? These glasses may not keep the sun out of our eyes, but I bet they’d sure taste good.

This fun little concept is one more in the long list of Oreo cookie inspired designs. I love that artists seem to be so inspired by Oreos since they are obviously cookies in a class of their own. Oreos conjure up so many memories for us, and there is nothing like sharing some Oreos and milk with a good friend.

The last time I wrote about an Oreo design, it was these Oreo Cookie Portraits. If you haven’t seen them, you’ve got to check them out. It’s unbelievable that someone could make such beautiful portraits from carving the Oreo cream. These sunglasses are also fabulous. Designer Phil Jones from Minneapolis took his creativity to a new high with these. They seem so simple yet so much fun, and they would be fabulous to serve as dessert during a dinner with friends. I wonder if Phil ate these when he was done making them. nom nom!



Oreo Sunglasses Cookie Designs



Via: [Junk-Culture]

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