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35mm USB Flash Drives: Film & Digital Photography Unite

35mm USB Flash Drives: Film & Digital Photography Unite

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We all know technology moves fast, and there are few areas that illustrate that as vibrantly as the field of photography. I’m only an amateur photographer, but even from my perspective, things are completely different now than they were 5 years ago. I remember carrying around my big fat Canon digital camera and thinking I was hot stuff. Nowadays with an iPhone, some creative photography apps and Instagram, anyone can take pictures that impress.

If these changes seem like they’ve happened fast to me, I can’t even imagine how a professional photographer must feel about it. I just wrote an article about a month ago called People’s Tech Takeover: The Shift In Traditional Photojournalism which showed how much not only photography itself is evolving at a fast pace, but also how we view and share those photos and the information that goes along with them.

As you know, we love anything retro and nostalgic on Bit Rebels, and these 35mm film flash drives are such a fun way to combine the old with the new. Each one is a repurposed canister of 35mm film which now holds a 4GB or 8GB flash drive. You can even choose which kind of film you would like. You can pick one of these up over in the newfocus Etsy shop. What a great gift for the photographer in your life! If you want to see another unusual flash drive, check out this tampon flash drive. Or, maybe don’t check that one out; it’s a little disturbing. :)






Via: [Dude Craft] [Recyclart]

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