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That’s One Way To Reuse…House Covered In 30,000 Bottle Tops

That’s One Way To Reuse…House Covered In 30,000 Bottle Tops

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

If you were retired, and if you lived alone in the Siberian taiga in Russia where there are only about 3 people per square kilometer, what would you do to entertain yourself? Maybe you’d be on social media sites constantly, maybe you’d get in the best shape of your life since you could exercise all day, or maybe you’d decorate the outside of your house with 30,000 plastic bottle tops like Olga Kostina.

As you probably know, plastic bottle tops are made out of a different kind of plastic than the bottles themselves, which often poses a recycling problem. They melt at different temperatures, they have to be used for different things, and they have to be recycled a different way, which is why many recycling facilities don’t accept the bottle tops. Perhaps that is why plastic bottle tops are commonly used to create art. It’s a very creative way to give those little bits of plastic a new life. Richard wrote about this once before when he featured a woman who made an unbelievable self-portrait out of plastic bottle tops. You can see that at Stunning Bottle Cap Self Portrait.

Olga, who you can see below, not only decorates her home with these bottle tops, but she creates pixelated patterns with the colors which make beautiful motifs. She places each bottle top by hand and then attaches it with a hammer and nails. This is so neat! She is nowhere close to being finished either. She plans to keep going until her entire house and the structure next to her house is completely covered with bottle tops. I wonder where she gets all the bottle tops. Surely she doesn’t have to collect them all herself. If she does, Olga, I hope you’re thirsty because that’s a lot of soda, water and juice!

The Plastic Bottle Tops House

(Click Images To Enlarge)






Via: [Oddity Central] [Drugoi] [Earth 911]

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