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3 Popular Tabloid Magazines Redesigned By TrustoCorp

3 Popular Tabloid Magazines Redesigned By TrustoCorp

5 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Before I write about how much fun these fake tabloids are by TrustoCorp, I want to explain who TrustoCorp is for those who may not know. It is a group of people (a collective) who, according to their Twitter bio, “highlight the hilarity and hypocrisy of human behavior.” In other words, it is a group of very talented, creative and sarcastic designers who use their spare time to pull some pretty elaborate pranks that we all get to benefit from.

Although I’m not sure if we’ve ever written about TrustoCorp before on Bit Rebels, usually after they perform some of their shenanigans, blogs around the world write about it. Here is an example of a time when they put parody signs all over Los Angeles, and another time when they replaced some foods in a NYC supermarket with their own brand of goodies.

Since I love to indulge in brain-cell-killing trash magazines every now and then, this latest prank by TrustoCorp is definitely my favorite. Members of the group went into bookstores in Hollywood, Manhattan, Williamsburg, LAX and JFK to leave their version of funny tabloids on the newsstand amongst the other magazines. Of course, the lucky and unsuspecting people who happened to notice them first as they were shopping were the ones who got to keep them. This time around, they created a spoof on OK, People and US magazines. Of course, in typical TrustoCorp fashion, there was a little brainy geekery added to the mix also. There is an embedded alphanumeric code in each magazine that leads to a secret website. It all sounds like a secret treasure hunt to me! I want one of these! Maybe someday I’ll read about them coming to Atlanta. *fingers crossed*

Donald Trump Is Pregnant

Sarah Palin Sex Tape Nightmare

Lindsay Lohan Dead At 27

Here are a few of the places the tabloids were spotted.

Tabloid Magazine Funny Prank

Tabloid Magazine Funny Prank

Tabloid Magazine Funny Prank

Tabloid Magazine Funny Prank

Tabloid Magazine Funny Prank

Via: [Arrested Motion]

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