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3 Movie Posters Twisted Backwards For A New Perspective

3 Movie Posters Twisted Backwards For A New Perspective

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to see a movie poster from a different perspective, like from the back or the side? What if the entire thing was flipped around, as if you were inside the poster itself and standing at the back looking forward? Of course, in this scenario, everything would be turned around backwards and inverted. I think it’s a brilliant idea that would twist our minds into a pretzel.

Recently the Brazilian ad agency Y & R did this with three movie posters that we all know well. They took Kill Bill, Forrest Gump and Pretty Woman and flip-flopped them around so you can see the 3D effect of these traditional posters in a new way.

They came up with this idea as an ad campaign for LG‘s Home Theater 3D sound system. Obviously the purpose of the campaign is to convey the message that with this system, you can get a whole new perspective when it comes to sound. It will give you a 3D experience. This was originally posted on Ads of the World, and one of the commenters on that article provided this image (which I’ve placed below) showing all three posters as compared to the originals. The attention to detail in these is incredible. I wish I knew exactly how they were able to do this. I bet they used mirrors since it’s almost like they had to actually see them that way in order to create them. Very nice!





Via: [My Modern Met]

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