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Detroit – Fighting For The Community – Both Online And Off

Detroit has for a long time fallen on hard times. Here is how you can help the Detroit community back on their feet in two major ways.

Stunning Street-Legal Indycar Is The Ruler Of The Roads

No, your eyes do not deceive you! This is actually a street-legal IndyCar race car you can drive on public roads. You just have to cough up $150.000 for it.

Giant Lego Blaster Can Shoot Lego Figurines In Virtual Reality

Ever seen a GIANT LEGO blaster before? No? Well, here is one and it is connected to the virtual reality to shoot down giant LEGO figurines. WHOA!

Clear Coffee Will Banish Your Sleep And The Teeth Stains Too

Still looking for that high-caffeine drink that will not stain your teeth yet still taste like coffee? Here it is! It is called Clear Coffee or CLR CFF!

Scary Five Finger Fillet Robot Recreates The Memorable Scene From Aliens

Remember that scene from Aliens where Bishop did the Five Finger Fillet on Hudson? Well, this daredevil has instructed his robot to the same on its master.

This Skyscraper Mountaintop Mansion Is The Getaway You Dream About

Residents of this skyscraper experienced weird activity at the top of the building for over 6 years. This skyscraper mountaintop mansion explains it all.

Johanna Konta Becomes The First British Woman To Win The Miami Open

Johanna Konta made history when she became the first British women ever to win the Miami Open against Caroline Wozniacki. Here's the scoop...

Latest Innovations And Options In Airless Packaging

Airless packaging is quite common today even though most of us don't know about it. New innovations make this sealing system even more superior.

Two Guys Turned This Indsutrial Robot Into A Tattoo Master

What happens when you take an industrial robot and turn it into a tattoo robot? You, of course, get a tattoo master that has an absolutely steady hand.

20 Mind-Bending 3D Body Paintings By Lisha Simpson

Prepare yourself to have your mind flipped upside down. These 3D body paintings by Lisha Simpson are almost too mind-bending to begin to understand.

Folding Boat Is Your Canoe In A Suitcase

This folding boat fits inside a suitcase! It can be folded into a compact suitcase-sized box in just ten minutes. It's the perfect adventure camping gear!

Foot Darts – When Soccer Meets Darts

If soccer is too exhausting and darts too boring then you should totally check out Foot Darts. The new craze among sports fanatics all around the world!

These Three LEGO Minifigures Are Currently Orbiting Jupiter

These three LEGO minifigures are currently orbiting Jupiter onboard Juno, the spacecraft that recently arrived at Jupiter?

World’s Largest Indoor Vertical Farm Is Being Built In New Jersey

Vertical farms become more popular for each passing day. AeroFarms is now building the world's largest indoor vertical farm in New Jersey. It spectacular!

This Is What Would Happen If Humanity Suddenly Disappeared

If you have ever wondered what would happen to planet earth if humanity suddenly disappeared here is your answer. This video explains the complete timeline!