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How Downsizing Can Make Your Retirement Lifestyle Better [Infographic]
How Downsizing Can Make Your Retirement Lifestyle Better [Infographic]

IBM Watson Against Transcriptionists Header

Ultimate Showdown – IBM Watson vs Two Transcriptionists [Infographic]

Services like Google Translate are all the rage nowadays. The technology is able to listen to words and determine, to a degree, what the individual is saying and respond back with the requested information. However, is this service actually better than a live individual who is transcribing what they hear? To put that to the test, a recent study used two professional transcriptionists and pitted them against IBM Watson, known as the smartest machine on earth, in order to transcript song lyrics. How the two ...


How Virtual Reality Will Influence The Property Market

The property and real estate world has always been in a flux. In fact, the only constant has been the amount of changes that take place in the industry. And with the rate of technological advancement that we’ve seen in the last few years there is little wonder that it has had an effect on the property and real estate market. However, before now the changes have predominantly been on the surface of the market with small changes here and there, but the release of ...

Massive Samsung Galaxy View

A Closer Look At The MASSIVE Samsung Galaxy View

Big is beautiful, or so they say, but can this be applied to mobile devices? The course of innovation has fluctuated in the technology sector, especially when it comes to smartphones and similar mobile devices. The inaugural devices of the 1980’s were large and cumbersome, for example, before technological advancement made it possible to create smaller handsets without compromising on performance. The majority of today’s devices can be described as a hybrid of these distinct design approaches, with small, slim line bodies incorporating large and ...

Tip Better Photos Smartphone

10 Tips For Taking Better Photos On Your Smartphone

It’s super simple to take photos with our phones nowadays. The inbuilt cameras tend to be of really high quality and we have them on our person almost all the time. We can share our snaps via various social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. But what can we do to transform our photos from average to awesome? As it turns out there are a lot of things that you can do to increase the quality and help you take better photos with your smartphone. ...

Home Automation Viewing Pleasure

How Home Automation Can Enhance Your Viewing Pleasure

While consumers have been embracing screen time since black and white silent movies began and the first television was sold, these days people tend to watch even more films and TV shows than ever. Indeed, many adults spend upwards of 30 hours a week watching their favorite shows. Much of this has stemmed from the rapid rise in the consumer adoption of streaming video services that allow users to gain access to the most popular shows with just a simple setup and affordable fee. In ...

Smart Technology Hype Study

Does Smart Technology Live Up To The Hype?

While smart technology is now fully established as a feature of the modern home, it continues to draw criticism in addition to praise. This has been explored in great detail by researchers, with some surveys claiming that many of the most popular smart technology hubs have significant vulnerabilities that may be exposed by those with criminal machinations. In addition to this, the Wall Street Journal has also published work questioning the short-comings of smart technology and systems, particularly those that are multi-functional in their nature ...

Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality

WHOA! – Microsoft HoloLens Brings Games Into Our Reality

It’s one of the most groundbreaking gaming accessories to be announced in years and demos of it seem to defy the very fabric of what we know about gaming. I am of course talking about the Microsoft HoloLens. When coupled with Minecraft it gave us a peek at what it could do but it couldn’t prepare us for what this recent demo would unfold. The HoloLens simply brings gaming into our reality, and it’s awesome in every single imaginable way. Virtual reality has long been ...

iPod Generation Hearing Loss

The Long Term Effects On Hearing For The iPod Generation

First there was the Walkman – but that was just the warm-up act for the portable music device that has taken over the world. Between the time the iPod was first introduced in October 2001 and 2014, Apple had sold 100 million of the devices worldwide and transformed both the way most people listen to and buy music. While it’s the music industry that’s had to adjust to the latter it’s the former that has been starting to cause some concerns about its effect on a ...

Prevent Website Downtime Guide

Guide To Surviving Your Website’s Unplanned Downtime

If you’re in need of proof that the always instant everything nature of the internet has made people impatient, consider how you’re feeling at this exact moment. When is this article going to get to the point? I was promised a guide, where is the guide? You’re probably thinking that this is not the guide. – Relax, this is the guide. The tips are coming. Promise. The internet has definitely upped the impatience of most people. Whatever they’re trying to access, they want to access ...

Sony Xperia Z5 Unlock

How To Unlock Your Sony Xperia Z5 Smartphone

September 2015 brought us the Sony Xperia Z5, the Japanese manufacturer’s second flagship of the year, a result of their relatively unusual strategy of releasing a new high-end device each six months. But hey, we’re all tech lovers here, so we can’t complain, right? With a 5.2” full HD display, quad-core Snapdragon 810 chipset and a 23 MP camera on the back, it’s definitely one of the most desired phones of this fall, as a lot of fans are looking forward to buy it. We ...

How To DIY Websites

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of DIY Websites

Whether you run a small business, have a semi-successful regional band, or just like to blog about how regularly you can force “Spinal Tap” references into everyday conversations, the chances are pretty good that you have a website. Unless you’re one of those rare creatures who are flush with cash, the odds are also pretty good that your website could use an overhaul. The question everyone ask themselves when this situation arises is whether they should do it themselves, have someone do it for them ...

DreamMe 3D Printed Projector

3D Printed Projector Displays Smartphone Info On Your Ceiling

It’s time to solve a problem that has been around for too long. How many times have you woken up just enough to not being able to go to sleep again just because you had to turn around to check what time it is on your smartphone? Probably enough times to know that it’s one of the most annoying things that can happen to you. We’re going to solve that for you by introducing you to the DreamMe 3D printed projector. You might think that ...

Cloud Fax Machines Today

The Fax Is NOT Dead — It Has Just Evolved

For nearly a decade, experts and pundits alike have declared, “the fax is dead” and it’s easy to see where they are coming from. Thanks to email and document-sharing services, the need to send faxes has diminished greatly in recent years. Why go to the trouble of faxing when you can just send an attachment via email? However, while many machines are gathering dust, there is still a need to send faxes. The fact is, faxing isn’t dead, it’s just evolved. New technologies have made ...

E-Board Future Transportation Concept

E-Board – Personal Transportation Of The Future

With the dawn of modern technology and innovation, the creation of advanced gadgets and tools has become possible and this tends to change usage and performance. Those who are into skateboarding are lucky enough because Fraser Leid‘s E-board concept has been made to change their skateboarding experience. Exoskeleton EXO symbolizes the aesthetics behind the E-board advanced skeletal construction. Getting the interpretations of a personal E-board or electric skateboard, this E-board was discreetly designed with an aim of becoming the very first compact and durable skateboard ...