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Steampunk Mp3 Player Will Match Your Retro Time Machine
Steampunk Mp3 Player Will Match Your Retro Time Machine

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Social Business Card: Create Instant Networking Profile Business Card

When it comes to business cards, I am probably the laziest person you will ever come across. I procrastinate getting new ones to the point where I actually have to sit there and explain to people why, after 5 years since Bit Rebels started, I still don’t have a business card. So ...

More Likes On Facebook Header

What To Post To Get More Likes On Facebook [Infographic]

The Bit Rebels Facebook page has recently become a boiling pot of conversation. It’s nice to see that many of you who visit us here at Bit Rebels also take the opportunity to check us out on Facebook. We share and post a lot of geeky stuff over there that we don’t ...


History Of Twitter From Twttr To IPO Is Full Of Memories [Infographic]

So many people are quick to bag on Twitter these days. They go on and on about how it’s not profitable, how the number of new users is dropping, and how investors are pouring millions of dollars into a social media site that is on the decline. I’m not so quick to ...

How Profitable Is Twitter Header

How Profitable Is Twitter Compared To Other Networks? [Infographic]

While Twitter is struggling to add new users in 2013, it is said that going public could once again revitalize the growth and match the numbers accumulated back in 2012. It’s a risky endeavor, but one that could come to have a huge impact on the brand’s continued success. Even though Twitter ...


Whoa..The Insane Profitability Of Popular Facebook Games [Infographic]

Whether you play Facebook games or not, I’m sure you are familiar with them. I prefer smartphone games to Facebook games, but I still get notifications about them constantly. Obviously they are profitable, but do you know how profitable? When I learned that Candy Crush rakes in $850,000 per day, I knew ...


What The Social Media Smiley Face Emoticon Really Means [Infographic]

I remember several years ago I wrote an article about the LOL On Twitter. Back then, LOLs were rampant in social media, and I always wondered if they were genuine or bogus. I mean, everyone couldn’t be sitting at their desks laughing out loud all the time (although I do it a ...


5 Basic Steps To Social Media Success That Are Easy To Forget [Chart]

Sometimes the simplest, most important things in life are the easiest to forget. For example, it’s easy to forget to brush your teeth, charge your smartphone and take the emergency brake off before driving. But if you forget to do those things, there are consequences. For brands, the same applies to social ...

16 Content Marketing Efforts Header

16 Thoughts On Successful Content Marketing Efforts [Infographic]

When big companies and brands plan their content marketing efforts, they usually take several months to decide exactly what they are going to do. However, sometimes all you need is an honest connection with the following you have built throughout the existence of your brand in order to pull off a successful ...

21 Content Marketing Rules Header

21 New Content Marketing Rules [Infographic]

Before you start thinking about marketing your idea or brand, a good thing to do is plan your brand awareness marketing campaign. Without a specific plan, there is little you can expect to achieve in this harsh social media climate where everyone is trying to be seen. There are an unlimited number ...


A Look At The Average Brand’s Facebook Page Performance [Infographic]

Everyone knows Facebook is the most popular social networking site, and if you are like most marketers, you check your Facebook analytics often. One of the keys to success is not comparing ourselves to others. We’ve all heard people say to “swim in your own lane.” However, from time to time it’s ...


10 Super Powers All Great Social Media Marketers Have [Infographic]

There are good and bad social media marketers. When I follow a brand on Twitter, and I immediately get a DM from that brand telling me to follow them on Facebook, I cringe. When I follow a brand on Twitter, and I get a tweet from them introducing themselves, I smile. You ...


Drunk Tweeting: Dangers Of Tweeting Under The Influence [Infographic]

If you’ve gotten on Twitter or Facebook after having a bottle of wine at dinner or one too many beers at a picnic, you are not alone. You know it’s happening when suddenly it becomes a great idea to start taking selfies and tweeting them to your ex or trash-talking your boss ...