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Pampered Pets – How Much Do Brits Spend On Their Pets? [Infographic]
Pampered Pets – How Much Do Brits Spend On Their Pets? [Infographic]


4 Reasons Why Your Business Is Failing On Twitter (And How To Fix It)

While most business owners know they should be on Twitter, they often don’t know what to do with the account once it’s set up. This leads to a number of Twitter faux pas that are likely doing your brand more harm than good compared to not having a Twitter account at all. Is your brand struggling on Twitter? Here are four reasons why your business is failing on Twitter. If any of these four apply to you, the answer is yes, your business or brand is failing on ...

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How To Really Measure Your Facebook Success [Infographic]

Since the launch of  Facebook, a few years back, it has been the primary topic when it comes to social media. There is so much to know about Facebook that comparing it with any other social network would not be fair. Twitter does not have anywhere near the amount of features that Facebook does and LinkedIn seems to stay under the radar for most ordinary people. If your brand succeeds on Facebook it is a significant impact overall but how exactly do we measure Facebook ...


The Way You Tweet Pictures Drastically Affects Your Retweets [Chart]

If you are a social media manager, you know the important role that sharing visual content plays in social media success. If you want a real-life example, you don’t have to look any further than the Bit Rebels Facebook page where Richard has become a master of sharing the kind of visual content (pictures, comics, etc.) that our fans crave. However, when it comes to Twitter, there is another detail in the equation for success that is important to consider before you tweet pictures. If ...


Surprise: Average Facebook Admin Is Older Than You Think [Infographic]

Ridiculous stereotypes exist everywhere in the offline world, but what you may not know is that they exist in the online world too. For example, if a person publishes a blog post rampant with grammar errors, some people instantly think those errors reflect that person’s intelligence, which it doesn’t. Perhaps English just isn’t that person’s native language. There are many online stereotypes, and another example has to do with Facebook admins, or more specifically, the age of the average Facebook admin. I’ve always thought most ...

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Social Media Management In 30 Minutes Per Day [Infographic]

Time is a commodity that most people don’t have in abundance. Today the world is spinning ever faster, and we are left confused and stressed about simple tasks that wouldn’t have worried anyone a couple decades ago. We’re online and plugged in as if our lives depended on it. To some extent, it sometimes does, especially if you are a business owner. Social media management takes up time, and sadly, it’s usually what keeps us from making the most of the time we’ve been given. ...

Social Business Card Generator Service

Social Business Card: Create Instant Networking Profile Business Card

When it comes to business cards, I am probably the laziest person you will ever come across. I procrastinate getting new ones to the point where I actually have to sit there and explain to people why, after 5 years since Bit Rebels started, I still don’t have a business card. So far it’s been cool, and nowadays we exchange phone numbers and social media profiles anyway, right? If you still want a business card, you should have a look at Social Business Card. It’s ...

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What To Post To Get More Likes On Facebook [Infographic]

The Bit Rebels Facebook page has recently become a boiling pot of conversation. It’s nice to see that many of you who visit us here at Bit Rebels also take the opportunity to check us out on Facebook. We share and post a lot of geeky stuff over there that we don’t feature here on the website. Engaging people is a science, and we’re just starting to figure you guys out. So how did we do that? We simply tried to figure out what you ...


History Of Twitter From Twttr To IPO Is Full Of Memories [Infographic]

So many people are quick to bag on Twitter these days. They go on and on about how it’s not profitable, how the number of new users is dropping, and how investors are pouring millions of dollars into a social media site that is on the decline. I’m not so quick to pass judgment and count Twitter out yet. Maybe that is because I have so many fond memories that include Twitter. This brief history of Twitter from Twttr to IPO brings back so many ...

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How Profitable Is Twitter Compared To Other Networks? [Infographic]

While Twitter is struggling to add new users in 2013, it is said that going public could once again revitalize the growth and match the numbers accumulated back in 2012. It’s a risky endeavor, but one that could come to have a huge impact on the brand’s continued success. Even though Twitter has gone from virtually zero revenue back in 2009-2010 to around $500 million in 2013, the network is still struggling to become profitable like some of the other networks. If we were to ...


Whoa..The Insane Profitability Of Popular Facebook Games [Infographic]

Whether you play Facebook games or not, I’m sure you are familiar with them. I prefer smartphone games to Facebook games, but I still get notifications about them constantly. Obviously they are profitable, but do you know how profitable? When I learned that Candy Crush rakes in $850,000 per day, I knew I had to share these stats with you. When Facebook games become popular, they also become insanely profitable. Here’s another crazy stat – 12% of Facebook’s revenue comes from Zynga. After Facebook opened ...


What The Social Media Smiley Face Emoticon Really Means [Infographic]

I remember several years ago I wrote an article about the LOL On Twitter. Back then, LOLs were rampant in social media, and I always wondered if they were genuine or bogus. I mean, everyone couldn’t be sitting at their desks laughing out loud all the time (although I do it a lot). These days, the LOL isn’t as popular as it used to be, but the smiley face emoticon is still going strong. What about that one? Is it genuine? Are we all that ...


5 Basic Steps To Social Media Success That Are Easy To Forget [Chart]

Sometimes the simplest, most important things in life are the easiest to forget. For example, it’s easy to forget to brush your teeth, charge your smartphone and take the emergency brake off before driving. But if you forget to do those things, there are consequences. For brands, the same applies to social media success. Just showing up on social media and being present is half the battle. Beyond that, it’s just a few basics that are unfortunately very easy to forget. There are so many ...

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16 Thoughts On Successful Content Marketing Efforts [Infographic]

When big companies and brands plan their content marketing efforts, they usually take several months to decide exactly what they are going to do. However, sometimes all you need is an honest connection with the following you have built throughout the existence of your brand in order to pull off a successful marketing campaign. It also never hurts to spend some time thinking about what should be incorporated into your marketing efforts before you start. I think it’s safe to say that anything that connects ...

21 Content Marketing Rules Header

21 New Content Marketing Rules [Infographic]

Before you start thinking about marketing your idea or brand, a good thing to do is plan your brand awareness marketing campaign. Without a specific plan, there is little you can expect to achieve in this harsh social media climate where everyone is trying to be seen. There are an unlimited number of things you could do to get attention, but when it comes to getting the word out, these 21 new content marketing rules are something you should have a look at. We have ...