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Wearable Transportation | No More Walking For Us!

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Social Media International Infographic

Things You Don’t Know About Social Media [Infographic]

You may find it hard to believe, but Facebook was launched as far back as February 4, 2004. Even a relatively new face on the social media scene, Instagram, has just celebrated its 5th birthday. Let’s face it, social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives, and they’re here to stay. Most people know the basics about social media. They know about likes, pins, shares and re-tweets, but there’s always plenty to learn. VoucherBin has created this informative infographic to give you […]

Social Media Job Search

How Social Media Can Aid Your Job Search

In today’s day and age, social media is at the heart of our lives. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ allow us to express and share our thoughts, ideas and creativity in a different way than ever before. In a world of easy interaction, most companies now also connect with people online, whether it’s to offer customer service or advertise new projects and products. Some platforms, like LinkedIn, even specialise in professional networking to aid people in their job search. About half of […]

Wealthiest People Digital Presence Header

How The Wealthiest People In America Manage Their Digital Presence

Cultivating your personal brand online is something that everyone with a digital presence deals with. However, if you’re among the 1%, maintaining a spotless digital presence is both a challenge and a necessity. Five Blocks analyzed the 200 wealthiest Americans by simply Googling their names and reading through the first-page results; here’s what they found. In every one of these first-page results, at least one or more results were Wikipedia pages. Like it or not, Wikipedia is the site that appears most frequently in any […]

social media customer service

Better Social Media Customer Service – Fails And Fixes [Infographic]

Social media is becoming an ever more vital part for companies to stay in touch with their customers, fans and audience. We already know that if your company does not have an online presence you don’t exist. At least that is the saying. It is now also becoming vital to have a social media presence so that your customers can easily and fast connect with you should they have questions, comments or complaints. More and more people expect to be able to connect with brands […]

Social Image Size Cheat Sheet

2015 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

It’s a new year and most brands and people that owns a social media account will try to overhaul their profiles to appear a little bit more updated. With so many social media networking services available it can be hard to know exactly how to size images on each service. In order for a profile to look absolutely mint you sometimes need the images to follow the suggested dimensions that each service sports. This social media image size cheat sheet will definitely give you the […]

Clicks To Website Facebook

Why Clicks To Website Dominates Facebook Advertising

Every successful business knows that Facebook can be a powerhouse for engagement and brand recognition. But what if I told you that there is a way you can go beyond the basics and provide tangible ROI that not only improves website clicks, but also SALES. Let me introduce you to Facebook “Clicks to Website” Ads. By now, every business that has a Facebook Page should be aware that applying “Facebook Page Like” Ads and “Engagement Post” Ads can help grow your Facebook Page within the […]

The Perfect Blog Post Header

What Makes The Perfect Blog Post? [Infographic]

In late February this year there were around 249.1 million public blogs [“Blog” – Wikipedia] available on the Internet. This estimation is acquired from numbers made available by Tumblr, and Technorati alone. The world’s most popular blog platform, Blogger, is however not included as they don’t offer public statistics. I think anyone would agree that this is a considerable amount of blogs and writing the perfect blog post gets harder for each day. If you have ever tried to write the perfect blog post […]

Social Casino Online Gaming Header

The State Of Social Media And Online Gaming

Online gaming companies have been slower to embrace the world of social media than might have been expected. Having had a dominant presence online since Internet use became widespread in the late 1990s, and being pioneers themselves, one might have expected that online casinos would have recognized and understood the importance of social media before many other industries. However, this hasn’t really been the case, and online gaming is only now catching up and using social media as an effective way to reach and engage […]

The Rise Of Selfie Header

The 3 Fastest Rising Sub-Genres Of Selfies [Infographic]

Seems we can’t escape the madness that is the selfie nowadays. From Obama’s own selfie experience, to even the act of selfies being taken at funerals. Everywhere you look, people are taking them. The sudden rise of internet self-obsession has hit a high point, and 2013 has proven to be the year when digital narcissism took over the web. Yeah, even the word ‘Selfie’ made it into the Oxford Dictionaries by beating it’s competitor “Twerk”. Admit it, we all cave every once in a while […]

Zach King Magic Vine Compilation

Mind-Twisting Magic Vine Videos That Are All About Illusions

It’s amazing how a “new” format of expression can change the way we look at things. When Vine was first introduced I was a little confused on just what this new medium could do and why I needed it. It didn’t take long to understand the huge impact it would come to have in our lives. The format in itself is not new, especially when you start comparing it to animated GIFs. The magic Vine videos that people put together though is incredibly creative. As […]

Instagram Picture Marshmallow Service Startup

You Can Now Turn Your Instagram Pictures Into Marshmallows

Now that Christmas is rapidly approaching, we are all preparing our sweet tooth for the festivities. I am sure that most of you are trying to find different ways to surprise your friends and loved ones. Forget the turkey, the ham, the nuts, and the candy, why not go for something a little bit more original? A new startup called Boomf recently announced that you can now turn your Instagram pictures into delicious and delicate marshmallows. Customized edible stuff has always been appealing to people, and I […]

Power Of Hashtag Practices Header

The Power Of Accurate Hashtag Practices [Infographic]

By now, anyone who has been on social media for a while should know that hashtags are the one way you can reach further than the edges of your own following. Hashtags are a vital and powerful tool, which you can utilize if you want to reach people that may be interested in what you have to say or share without them having to follow you. The power of accurate hashtag practices reaches further than the features and tools made available to you on any […]

9 Brand Success Pinterest Header

9 Ways To Guarantee Brand Success On Pinterest [Infographic]

With Facebook constantly pushing out new features and Twitter currently about to go public, there is little room for other social networking services in the news. Pinterest is rolling out optimizations and new features frequently as well but we don’t hear much about them that often. It’s when you know what tools are at your disposal that you can really create a viral success. In order to reach brand success on Pinterest it’s vital that you know what the heck you’re doing. I have been […]

How To Create Dark Post

How To Create An Unpublished Or Dark Post On Facebook

Facebook has an unlimited amount of potential if you know how to tap into it. One thing that has always been annoying is that if you have a Facebook brand page and you’re not sure whether a post is going to work or not, there was no way to test it out unless you tapped into the Facebook Ads API (made available  January, 2012). However, Facebook now has a feature called Dark Post (or Unpublished Post) that will allow you to do A/B testing on […]