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The High Tech Way To Clean Toothbrushes With Ultraviolet Light
The High Tech Way To Clean Toothbrushes With Ultraviolet Light

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The Smart Jean: A New Kind of Jean
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Places Find A Job Header

Top 50 Places To Find A Job Or Make A Hire [Infographic]

So, you have spent hundreds of hours online researching how to make your resume as compelling as it can possibly be. You have furthermore sharpened your interview skills, and you are now ready to take on any kind of interview. But, there is one thing missing, where do you find a job ...

Romance Killer Diamond News Header

Romance Killer: The Truth About Diamonds [Video]

The saying goes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well, if you’re looking to woo your girl with diamonds thinking it’s the rarest gemstone of them all, and that it should symbolize your invaluable love for her, you should probably think again. As it turns out, diamonds are not exactly that ...

10 Types Sitting Positions Header

10 Types Of Office Sitters – Which One Are You? [Infographic]

I have gone through a ton of chairs before finding the one I am currently using. It’s an old chair that I bought many years ago over at IKEA. It is an executive chair that becomes more comfortable with age it seems. What is really interesting is how we sit in them. ...

How To Fold Suit Tutorial

How To Fold A Suit, Shirt & Pants Together To Prevent Wrinkling

Traveling is always fun I think most of you can agree with that. However, there is always that one thing that needs to be done before you can actually go off on your epic adventure, and that is to pack. There are a bunch of different techniques when it comes to packing, and some ...

How Achieve Your Goals Header

How To Set & Achieve Your Goals Every Time [Flowchart]

I have yet to meet one person that doesn’t have a good idea they want to realize. It is always interesting to meet new people and hear them talk about their endeavors with passion and dedication. Unfortunately, most people fall short in their belief in themselves and give up on their dream ...


Cat Vision: How Your Cat Sees Those Instagram Pics And YouTube Videos

Have you ever wondered how animals see the world? When you watch cat videos with your cat sitting on your lap, what does he or she see? Is it the same thing you and I see? I have wondered this about my dog when we take our walks, especially since there is ...

Small Space Hidden Bed Solution

Epic Hidden Bed For Small Space Living Computer Geeks

How many times have you wished that your house or apartment was just a little bit bigger so that you could fit more epic furniture? I am sure many of you have had that thought at least once since you moved into your current home. It all comes down to how you ...

Successful Peoples Weird Habits Header

5 Weird Habits Of Successful People [Infographic]

Did you know that a lot of successful people have some pretty weird habits? Some could have contributed to their overall success in an unforeseen way. There are a lot of people that would say that successful people are rude, obnoxious and sometimes even hard to get along with, so why is that? It ...

Busy Peoples Productivity Tips Header

5 Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy People [Infographic]

When one finds oneself with a workload that is seemingly beyond what a human being is capable of finishing up, there are two choices, either one gives up or tries to optimize the endeavor as much as possible and see how far it takes us. It is with dedication and a never-give-up ...


Live, Drive And Survive: 4 Vehicles Pimped Out For A Zombie Apocalypse

According to Google Trends, interest in zombies and the zombie apocalypse have been on the decline since the first of the year. Interest in that topic hit its peak in mid-2012. However, now that The Walking Dead is back on television; that could very well be changing. I’m going to watch last ...

Computer Ergonomics Health Posture

Take Ergonomic Action And Stay Healthy While Using A Computer

The personal computer has become one of the most widely used productivity tools on the planet since its inception a few decades ago. It has become so pervasive that you almost can’t get by in modern society today without knowing at least the basics of how to use one (or know someone ...


What Your Favorite Types Of Beer Say About Your Personality [Chart]

I never knew so many seemingly insignificant things in our lives reveal so much about our personalities. Apparently everything from our Facebook likes, to our handwriting style, to how we hang our toilet paper rolls (over or under) say things to other people about our personality. Now you can add your favorite ...