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How Downsizing Can Make Your Retirement Lifestyle Better [Infographic]
How Downsizing Can Make Your Retirement Lifestyle Better [Infographic]

Downsizing Retirement Lifestyle Header

How Downsizing Can Make Your Retirement Lifestyle Better [Infographic]

The pressures of the workplace are long gone, the chicks have flown from the nest and you’ve got weeks and weeks of glorious time stretching ahead of you – yes, it’s fair to say that retirement has its positives. However, as one of the biggest turning points in people’s lives, retirement can also seem a scary prospect – you’re no longer tied to routine, you have less responsibility, and you may be unsure what to do with yourself at first. But, once you find your ...

Pampered Pets Luxury Gifts

Pampered Pets – How Much Do Brits Spend On Their Pets? [Infographic]

People adore pets in the UK, and nothing brings more warmth to people’s hearts than the love of a furry, feather or even scaly little pal. From being greeted at the door by a waggy tail and adoring eyes to cuddles on the sofa, pets bring so much joy to people’s lives that they have become almost as integral to our homes as our family members. Even less-animated pets such as goldfish and guinea pigs are placed in surprisingly high esteem in British households. People ...

7 Great Poetry Collections

7 Poetry Collections You Want In Your Reading List

Most people regard poetry as some sort of lesser level reading, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many times there are life lessons to be learned through poetry that you just won’t get from an ordinary book or a full-length novel. On top of that it makes for easy reading. Think of it as pocket life education. It’s there when you have time and you will never have to immerse yourself more than you have time for. A full-length novel will keep you ...


5 Tips On How To Look Swagger Both Day And Night With Just One Suit

Choosing what to wear isn’t always easy because different occasions demand different styles. Men who work in an office will often wear quite formal clothes so that they make a good impression and can meet clients. In the evenings and at night, you’re either required to dress down for a more laid-back style when going out with colleagues, or dress up if you’re visiting the opera or going to a business dinner. Luckily, a suit can be dressed up and down as required without much ...

20 Fascinating Education Facts

20 Fascinating Facts About Education Around The World

On every continent, in every country throughout the globe, education is slightly different. Although the same debates are had, for example, the best age at which to begin compulsory education and the perfect length for a school day, the answers various nationalities arrive upon vary greatly. It is nothing less than fascinating to delve into this data and it doesn’t take long before you realize that education around the world is ultimately different even though we all pretty much learn the same things. It is ...

Driving Change Superhero Career

Driving Change – Get Your Superhero Career On The Road [Infographic]

Everyone’s got a superhero these days. They’re on the big screen, the small screen, bursting out of pages of comic books, and flooding the streets every time a Comic-Con hits your city. But away from our more famous fictional counterparts (and assuming you don’t have the ability to punch through walls), how do you go about staying a superhero on a daily basis? Are you ready to get you superhero career on the road? This was exactly the questions that UK-based RED Driving School became ...

5 Value Remodelling Tips

5 Simple Remodelling Tips To Improve The Value Of Your House

The real estate market is constantly varying and in a single year we can see the prices of houses soar and plummet within a couple of months of each other. Simply owning a house is not enough now to sell it for the price that you are hoping for. Frankly, making any sizable profit is a feat that has become a rare in today’s real estate climate. But don’t think it’s impossible! The common belief today is that you will need to do extensive remodelling to ...

Nook Indie E-Books Reading

Escape The Best Seller List: Indie E-Books And Where To Find Them

Have you ever felt like you’ve read everything there is to read? Found yourself falling back on old favorites for the fiftieth time, or wandering through the shelves of your favorite bookstore or library hoping for something new to grab your eye? Or maybe the current trends just aren’t for you: everything on the bestseller list gets nothing but a resounding “meh.” Fortunately, the digital age has a solution for you: welcome to the world of indie e-books. What Are Indie E-Books? Digital format books ...

Perfect Home Office Checklist

How To Correctly Setup The Perfect Home Office

Are you ready to get your home business off the ground? To really kick your business into high gear, you need to establish a productive workspace. That means shelling out some of that startup capital to get a home office set up. No matter what industry you’re in, Bankrate reports that having a dedicated home office can offer a number of benefits to both you and your business, including freedom from distractions, the ability to work in comfort, and much sought after tax deductions. You ...

Christmas Present Poker Face

How To Pull The Perfect Christmas Present Poker Face

The anticipation of finding out what your loved ones have got you for Christmas is what makes the day so special. It’s the reaction to the gift that makes the whole tradition so wonderful, with nine out of 10 times being one of joy and happiness. But there is always that one Christmas present that you weren’t expecting. How can you possibly upset your Great Aunt Mildred or offend your second cousin Sebastian in front of your whole family! Well, the bluffing maestros at Ladbrokes ...

Strangest 40 Pet Laws

The 40 Strangest Pet Laws Around The World [Infographic]

A pet can mean a lot to a person, if you have it long enough it can begin to feel like part of the family and a companion – after all, a dog isn’t called man’s best friend for nothing! But beyond taking care of them, walking them if necessary, petting them and litter training them, few of us will consider the extra responsibilities that come with owning a cat, dog, goldfish, guinea pig or other domestic animal – namely, pet laws! While this might ...

10 Tips Financial Fitness

Top 10 Tips For Outstanding Financial Fitness

The financial climate around the world is changing by the day and people find themselves out of a job and sometimes even out on the street. It’s a situation that is not only causing a lot of stress, but also a lot of lost opportunities. It’s hard to fend off a financial disaster in your life when the rug is tugged from underneath you seemingly from out of nowhere. I was once told that it’s during the financially stable moments in our life that determines ...

Reading eBooks To Children Header

Are eBooks Beneficial Or Detrimental For Toddlers?

Reading to your child is well known to be beneficial for his or her development. With the rise of eBooks, many parents now use their tablets for bedtime stories. However, many parents wonder whether there is a difference between reading to a child using a traditional book or using a tablet. Many studies have shown too much screen time is detrimental to a toddler’s mental development. However, parents wonder whether eBooks count as screen time, since using a tablet is technically a screen but the ...

Sears Promoted Coupon Benefits

How To Save Big Money With Promoted Coupons

Today we continue our journey through the coupon jungle and how you can save big by using them. Too many people overlook the sometimes huge amounts they could save by simply using coupons. It’s one reason why Groupon and other coupon alternatives are so popular. So today we’re taking a closer look at how companies like Sears have incorporated coupons into their business strategy with great success. When most people think about coupons they tend to feel it’s a lot of work, but it’s quite ...