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9 Epic Star Wars Christmas Cards Every Fan Should Send

If you're looking to add a little bit of Star Wars flare to the approaching holidays we suggest you take a look at these epic Star Wars Christmas cards.

R2-D2 USB Car Charger Is Your Perfect Travel Companion

Looking for the perfect car charger? Look no further! Behold the epic R2-D2 USB car charger that will respond to voice commands. A true travel companion.

Real Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suits When Riding Your Speeder Bike

If you're a true Star Wars fan and rebel enough to drive a bike, perhaps a speeder bike, then these Stormtrooper motorcycle suits are just what you need.

50 States Of LEGO: Illustrated Miniature Stereotypes Of America

Jeff and his daughter have recreated the American states in LEGO called 50 States Of LEGO with stereotypes in mind, and it's safe to say that they are epic.

Turns Out There Is A More Detailed Star Wars Star Destroyer After All

WOAH! As it turns out there is a more detailed Star Wars Avenger Star Destroyer model out there. It's not even completed yet it's mind-bogglingly beautiful.

World’s Most Detailed Star Wars Avenger Star Destroyer Model

Thomas Tewoort knows how to turn Star Wars magic into reality. That becomes apparent after you have checked out his epic Avenger Star Destroyer build.

3 Fully Functional Star Wars Spaceships That Can Actually Fly

Never thought you'd actually see any of the Star Wars ships fly? These 3 fully functional Star Wars spaceships will definitely make your jaw drop.

Builder Recreates Fully Functional Star Trek USS Enterprise Spaceship

If you thought you'd never see the USS Enterprise spaceship fly in real life, then this video is definitely going to make you smile for the rest of the day.

Home-Brew Heads-Up Display Glasses: Who Needs Google Glass Anyway

A guy calling himself Codeninja has put together a pair of epic home-brew heads-up display glasses that puts Google's long awaited Glass glasses to shame.

12 Superhero’s Part Time Jobs That Fit Their Superpowers

Even though Thor has so far grossed an insane amount of money in the Box Office, it seems superheroes are still having part time jobs to sustain themselves.

This Custom Life-Size Coffin Computer Case-Mod Will Make You Shiver

It has a few years on its neck, however if this life-size computer case-mod does not give you the shivers there is probably not much that ever will.

Full Scale Build Project: Millennium Falcon Cockpit Done!

The Star Wars full scale project is progressing nicely. They recently announced that the Millennium Falcon cockpit was done and it's a beauty to look at.

Guy Builds Life-Size Claw Arcade Game Entirely Out Of LEGO

A LEGO fanatic YouTuber has been able to replicate a working Claw arcade game that is heavily impressive. The individual features alone are worth your time!

New Death Star Tiles Will Make Star Wars Fans Go Bonkers

Victor Brown and Tom Spina Designs created the geekiest wall tile ever! Have a look at these 3D patterned Death Star tiles. Perfect for Star Wars fans.

Guy Builds A Whole Master Chief Costume Entirely Out Of LEGO

Ben Caulkins, a rather extraordinary LEGO builder, has masterly replicated the Master Chief costume from the Halo game series just using LEGO bricks.