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Zombowl Will Have Zombies Running The Other Way

Intrigued? We present the Zombowl! Put spaghetti with tomato sauce in it and the entire office will know you are the ultimate zombie hunter.

11 Ultra-Realistic Miniature LEGO Builds Of Classic Gadgets

These 11 amazing and ultra-realistic miniature LEGO builds will have you scratching your head wondering how they were actually put together.

Smart Jeans Bring The Ultimate In Comfort And Functionality

The cutting edge of fashion is here and it's brought to us by Robb & Hugo of New York and comes as a pair of Smart Jeans too cool not to be worn.

13 Ways To Have A Very Star Wars Christmas

If you're looking to make your Christmas a very Star Wars Christmas then this list of geeky gifts should definitely make you happy. Plenty of geekiness!

Light-Up Death Star LED Ornament Is A Must-Have For Star Wars Fans

If you're a true Star Wars fan you know you need to add a Star Wars touch to your Christmas. This light-up Death Star LED ornament is the perfect addition.

Star Wars Nano Puzzles Are A Geek’s Ultimate Challenge

If you are a Star Wars fan and you're looking for a royal challenge then we suggest you have a look at these Star Wars nano puzzles. Can you build them?

12 Past Rockstar Legends Wearing Bands Of Today’s T-Shirts

If past rockstar legends would be alive today what t-shirts do you think they would wear? By swapping out the prints using Photoshop we now know.

Braun Features Superhero Beard Cuts Too Epic For Comfort

Want to stand out in a crowd? Want people to know you're a superhero to be reckoned with? These superhero beard cuts should put you on the right path.

WHAM-O Snowball Blaster Takes Snowball Fights To A Whole New Level

Looking to increase the awesomeness of those epic snowball fights of yours? This WHAM-O snowball blaster should add another level of epic to them for sure!

Captain Nemo Fan Builds 32-Foot Replica Of The Nautilus Submarine

Danny McWilliams is in full gear building one of the most mesmerizing Nautilus submarine replicas ever measuring an impressive 32 feet from bow to stern.

Probably The Coolest & Smallest Batman LEGO Tumbler Replica Ever

We have all marveled over the vehicles in Batman, but we think you will go completely bonkers for the minimalistic Batman LEGO Tumbler replicas by Tiler.

Geeky Clean: Real-Looking SNES & Game Boy Cartridge Soaps

Are you geeky clean? Well, if you're looking for the coolest Christmas presents this year then you should have a look at these SNES & Game Boy soaps.

Hilarious Star Wars Characters & Real-Life People Mashups

You might be a huge Star Wars fan but I am quite sure you haven't seen our beloved Star Wars characters in such hilarious mashups as these figurines.

Father Turns His Kid’s Doodles Into Awesome & Beautiful Art

Reddit user Tatsputin, a father of two, turns his kid's doodles into some of the coolest and beautiful art by colorizing them and adding a third dimension.

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart: Most Epic Way To Get Around The Golf Course

A Batman Tumbler replica golf cart was just picked up by some lucky bidder on ebay and you need to see it in order to really appreciate its awesomeness.