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Backyard Scientist Creates An Aluminum Flaming Sword

This backyard scientist has created perhaps one of the most iconic cosplay swords of all time. He has succeeded in creating an aluminum flaming sword!

Real Batman Suit Is Stab And Slash Proof

Armatus Designs is creating a real Batman suit capable of resisting pretty much anything. Possibly even bullets! Check out the crazy video!

Decisions Were Made In The Geekiest GIF Of The Week

This just has to be the geekiest GIF of the week! What would you have done? Well, for this geek decisions were made and they were not to everyone's liking.

Harry Potter Tattoo Will Bring Tattoos Into A New League Forever

This Harry Potter tattoo is probably one of the most creative we have seen to date. UV tattoos are not new, however, this one is absolutely genius!

These Guys Built The Ultimate Human Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

Is this the ultimate way to stay active at work? To prevent themselves from sitting, these guys built a human hamster wheel for their standing desk.

Colin Furze Creates Incredible Firework Death Star

Colin Furze, the adrenaline-fueled YouTube madman, is at it again! Celebrating hitting three million subscribers he set off his firework death star!

No Drip Popsicle Lifehack Saves The Summer

Brilliance has struck again and it comes from the King of Random who has come up with a no drip popsicle lifehack that will forever change your life!

Rocket Hammer From Overwatch Now LEGOlized

Overwtach is huge and so is Reinhardt's Rocket Hammer that has now been LEGOlized to perfection. It is massive and yet so beautiful!

23 Extraordinary Body Paintings By Alexys Fleming

Alexys Fleming (madeyewlook) is one of YouTube's most creative personalities and her body paintings are nothing less than mind-blowing!

Transformers Pop-Up Book Is The Ultimate Fan Collectible

This is awesomeness on so many levels! Have the Autobots and the Decepticons come alive right in front of you with this Transformers pop-up book!

Tallest Tunnel Slide In The World Is Not For The Faint Hearted

The Slide, found at ArcelorMittal Orbit in London, is the world's tallest tunnel slide and it will take you a whopping 40 seconds to reach the bottom!

Legoland Malaysia Builds World’s Largest LEGO Millennium Falcon

Legoland Malaysia celebrated Star Wars Day by building the world's largest LEGO Millennium Falcon. This build is insane and weighs in at 1,100lbs!

Death Star Floating Speaker Is The Jedi Trick You Are Looking For

The gadget every Star Wars fan must have is here! It's the Death Star floating speaker system and its Jedi powers are superior all others!

Tech That Is Changing The Way We Exercise And Play Sports

Technology has so far had a huge impact on exercise and sports, but the increase in innovation will change the way we exercise and play sports forever!

Online Slots Strategies To Secure Slots Bonuses

Did you know that there are strategies that you can implement when playing slots online to secure slots bonuses? Here they are!