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Clowns, Witches And Ghosts – What Makes People Afraid In Films?

What makes scary movies scary for some while not at all for others? We take a look at the science behind scary movies and what frightens us. Be afraid!

How Bingo Gained A Whole New Fanbase

Bingo has evolved greatly since it was first introduced. In this article, we take a look at some of the more eye-catching developments through the years.

Popular Ways To Stream Games On Consoles and PCs

The number of ways you can stream your gaming sessions are many, however, these are some of the more cost-effective ways to reach out to your audience!

How Plarium Reigns The Gaming Industry With A Game For Every Taste

There are few companies that offer as many trendsetting games as Plarium. This is how they keep their player's interest with every new release!

The Unstoppable Rise Of Mobile Gaming In 2016

Mobile gaming continues to grow in 2016! The unstoppable force behind it is mobility and easy access but where is mobile gaming heading?

Will The Growth In Popularity Of Online Bingo Continue?

Online bingo is big business but what does the future hold for this popular online game? Looking at the statistics, popularity will continue to grow!

Low-Tech Pokémon Go Lifehack To Catch Them All

The world is obsessed with Pokémon Go! Everyone wants to catch them all! Here's a low-tech Pokémon Go lifehack that will allow you to catch them every time!

The Crazy Stories And Confessions Of A Croupier

There are always stories being lived out in casinos and here are some that are almost too good to be true. As a croupier, life is never boring!

The Top 5 Best Casinos In The World

If you are planning a visit to one of the world's greatest casinos then this list of the 5 top-rated casinos in the world should be exactly what you need.

Amazing Star Wars Dogfight Shot Using Real Drones [Video]

This impressive Star Wars dogfight short movie will settle that Star Wars craving you might have. Real drones make this video totally amazing!

The History Of The World’s Oldest Roulette Table

The roulette table has a long and winding history and dates back as far as the Roman era. Here's how the roulette table became such an entertainment hit!

The Craziest Things Ever Done In Grand Theft Auto V

You can do a lot of MAD things in Grand Theft Auto V, but these are pretty much the most insane things ever done in this popular game.

How To Enhance Your Online Casino Experience

Did you know you can play for free on most online casino sites? Well, if you want to enhance your online casino experience here are a few tips for you.

The 4 Reasons Why Mobile Gaming Is Such A Success

Why has mobile gaming become so successful? There are mainly four reasons for this and it is only going to become a more popular pastime.

This Is What It Sounds Like When You Win $2.8 Million On Slots

Ever wondered what happens when someone wins the jackpot on slots? Well, here is a video capturing Corporal Alex Degenhardt winning $2.8 million!