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Check out my Butt-Sled

Social Gaming Growth 2016

Social Gaming To Continue Growth In 2016

We are a generation of people who live on their phones. We organise our lives through them and continually find new ways to communicate on them. Whereas previously a mobile phone was solely used for making phone calls or *gasp* even texting, we have now taken our phone reliance to a whole new level. Social media blew up and it became the next logical step to incorporate this software onto mobile platforms. Now we can scarcely imagine one without the other. With social media becoming a ...

Geeky Timeless Classic Games

Release Your Inner Nerd With These Geeky Classic Games

The concept of nerd gaming has evolved significantly over the last few years. In fact the term nerd itself, once deemed derogatory, has been completely spun on its head. It’s cool to be viewed as a little bit geeky nowadays and there’s no shame in enjoying the things that a ‘nerd’ always has. Whether it’s a certain genre of movies, a certain type of TV show, or even specific video games, the popularity of people wanting to embrace the unconventional has soared. So, with this in ...

Female Mobile Gaming Industry

How The Mobile Gaming Industry Is Winning Female Players

The mobile gaming industry has been growing exponentially over the years. Innovative developments in the smartphone and tablet markets have helped it to grow to unexpected proportions and new technology has meant that they have simply been getting better, faster and more powerful all round. New devices also mean new platforms and ways in which game developers can re-evolve the gaming experience. This has opened the doors to mobile gaming allowing a wider range of games to be made available through mobile-based devices which has ...

Best Mini Games Ever

Mini-Games – The Best In-Game Games Of All Time

It wasn’t all too long ago that video games were just a couple of lines on the screen trying to block a square ball from getting past them. A lot has happened since then and video games have evolved from a single static screen to immersive worlds that keep mesmerizing everyone who ever steps inside of them. Sure, Doom, Grand Theft Auto and all of the other first person games are insanely fun to play, but we shall not forget the mini-games that keep on ...

XREAL Fortress Fury Crowdfunding Campaign

XREAL Unveils Fortress Fury And An Opportunity Of A Lifetime

By the end of this decade, there will be significantly more mobile devices than people on this planet. North American mobile content is already a $10 billion dollar industry, and mobile gaming is more than $3 billion dollars. The global demand for mobile content is going to skyrocket over the next couple years, and investors would be wise to learn as much as they can about the burgeoning market. XREAL is a mobile gaming company helmed by Howard Marks, founder of Activision and Acclaim games, ...

Virtual Reality Entertainment Future

Is Virtual Reality The Next Big Thing In Entertainment?

Virtual reality has been predicted as the next big thing in entertainment for some time, but only within the last two or three years has it started to emerge as a real possibility. Virtual reality appeared on the Sundance Film Festival for the second year running, but this time with more than a dozen installations for different games, films and a range of other platforms. With the number of virtual reality providers growing each year, the chances that there will soon be an affordable platform ...

Superhero Showdown Franchise Compilation

Superhero Showdown – Top Grossing Marvel Characters

Since the first Marvel comic was released in October 1939, millions of adults and children alike have been entertained by the stories of their favourite superheroes. As well as still producing comic books, Marvel have turned their characters into silver screen stars, with a minimum of three movie releases each year. But who is the highest grossing character taking both these platforms into consideration over recent years? We’re seeing more and more of these movies featuring superhero showdowns that are as epic as the superheroes ...

No Deposit Casinos Guide

How To Make Money With No Deposit Casinos

Online casinos have been around for a good 20 years now, and if you are not aware of them, well they exist and many new casinos are launching every month online. One promotional feature of a casino that probably will never disappear is the no deposit bonus. These bonuses might be at their peak right now in terms of exposure and competitiveness of other no deposit casinos, but there is a shelf life to these bonuses. To begin with, new players can claim all of ...

Strictly Come Dancing Interview

An Inside Scoop On Strictly Come Dancing With Alison Hammond

The line-up for 2014 series of Strictly Come Dancing has been announced, and TV personality Alison Hammond is set to take to the dance floor. This Morning presenter and Gala Bingo ambassador is joined by former The Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack and Judy Murray, a Scottish tennis coach most famous for being the mother of Olympic and 2013 Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray. Alison and her fellow contestants follow in the wake of memorable winners like Abby Clancy and Alesha Dixon. Strictly Come Dancing has ...

2014 World Cup Creativity Header

5 Incredibly Creative Projects For The 2014 World Cup

With each successive World Cup the hype and excitement increases, and the potential provided by the Internet for artistic projects visualising the tournament in creative ways, plays a big role in this. It may have been a disappointing tournament for England (again), but there is still a lot for football fans to engage with, and if you doubt that, check out these stunning digital visualisations of Brazil 2014. The creativity among the Internet community is always heightened when a big world event like the 2014 ...

Dead Legendary Artists Today Project

12 Legendary Artists & What They Would Look Like Today

The world has celebrated some pretty iconic artists through the decades of music that we have enjoyed. The unfortunate curse of being a celebrity sometimes takes a different turn that what the majority of the population imagine. Some artists indulge in a destructive lifestyle while others suffer the consequences of unfortunate events. All in all, some of the world’s most legendary artists never had the pleasure of experiencing the comfort of old age. I am sure most of us have at some point imagined some ...

The Last Door Online Game

The Last Door Adds Another Chilling Chapter To The Online Game

Update: Earlier this year I got to try out a new browser-based indie horror game titled The Last Door, developed by the Game Kitchen. The game was being released in small, hour-long chapters, so I only got to play the first chapter. Now that 3 chapters have been released, a re-introduction of the game might be in order. Although, with roughly 1 million games played already, chances are many of you have already tried it. The developers were inspired by authors like Edgar Allen Poe and ...

Gravity Movie Science Fiction Space

Gravity: A Groundbreaking Sci-Fi Film Showcasing The Dangers Of Space

Alfonso Cuaron’s new sci-fi film Gravity is not only a groundbreaking film that effectively showcases the dangers of outer space, it is also a piece of technical mastery, with many new technologies invented specifically for the film in order to achieve its incredible visuals. It also pays homage to the countless number of people who have worked in space and on space programs. Their amazing talents and knowledge of the science and technology required to make this happen are also what Gravity successfully manages to ...


Spooky Drive-Thru Halloween Skeleton Prank Is Worth Doing Yourself

It’s that time of year again when we are treated to all kinds of Halloween pranks that will inspire us to come up with our own for the big night on October 31. A good prank is always welcome, and sometimes it just takes a little ingenuity to put together a really, really good one. The master of all pranks posted on the Internet is YouTube user Magic Of Rahat. His viral skeleton prank definitely deserves a place here on Bit Rebels. He has a ...