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Combating Global Warming: Simple Action Steps
Combating Global Warming: Simple Action Steps

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GoBall: The World's Most Compact GoPro Handle
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Costume Designer Lisa Jensen Discusses Crafting The Steve Jobs Look

The much anticipated biopic Jobs is due to hit the big screen in just a matter of weeks. Since the film retells events that actually happened, visually setting the scene properly both in terms of locations and clothes was of the utmost importance to convey authenticity. In a recent interview, the film’s costume designer ...


Top 50 Movies Ever (Organized By Genre) According To IMDb

If someone asked you for an official list of your favorite 10 movies, would you be able to put that together easily? I wouldn’t. I’d have an impossible time choosing which Star Wars and Star Trek movies would make the cut, and that wouldn’t even count all the other great movies out ...


Spock Versus Spock Will Entertain You Until The Next Star Trek Film

“It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.” Okay, so this line wasn’t actually in Star Trek, but I bet you that when you read it, you read it in the voice of Spock. Am I right? Star Trek has been a cornerstone memory of my generation, and it endures even till this ...


Barbie Goes Natural: This Is Barbie’s Face With No Makeup

There has been a lot of focus on ‘real beauty’ over the past few years, and hopefully more women are starting to feel confident about their natural beauty. There is nothing wrong with glamorous makeup of course, but when a woman thinks she’s not beautiful without it, well, that’s not good. There ...


Toy Story & The Walking Dead Are The Same Story [25 Pics To Prove It]

We’ve all compared movies with the same story before. As it turns out, movie themes are recycled more than you may realize. There are tons of articles written about this online. For example, I could argue that The Hunger Games is basically a modified version of Predator. According to this article on ...


Podcasts & Why They Could Be The Future Of Entertainment Content

The future of much of our entertainment will undoubtedly be provided through online channels via the internet. Since this entertainment content is on demand, it makes sense that we would subscribe to it and then be notified when new content is available. We already have this system in place for podcasts, which ...


Reporter Gets Cell Phone Upgrade During Tony Stark Interview

In the world of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark is stalked by reporters every time he’s out in public. Journalists will capture the iconic fictional billionaire superhero with whatever device they have available at the time, including cell phones. What they don’t expect is for the cell phone in their hands to ...


Kentucky Route Zero: A Magical Realist Adventure Game Worth Playing

Kentucky Route Zero is an indie Windows, Mac and Linux game developed by the duo known as Cardboard Computer (Jake Elliott and Tamas Kemenczy). As the developers describe it, Kentucky Route Zero is “a magical realist adventure game about a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky, and the mysterious folks who ...

Computer Generated Avengers Special Effects

How New York Was Entirely Computer Generated For The Avengers

There’s no doubt computer generated graphics in movies have become much more realistic. Today it’s hard, sometimes even impossible, to tell what is real, and what is not. When we see new blockbusters in the theater, we always focus on the characters themselves, and we forget about their surroundings. Many times we ...


The Big Bang Theory Secrets: What You Don’t Know About This Geeky Show

Amy Farrah-Fowler: I want you to kiss me where I’ve never been kissed before. Sheldon: Like Salt Lake City? Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? I didn’t. For a long time. I tend to avoid ‘noisy shows’ – not because ‘they are so loud,’ but more because of all the hype. ...


How Technology Fueled One Of The Best Scare Pranks Ever

It seems it is getting easier and easier to prank someone in this technology infused society of ours. We have newspapers, news television broadcasts, social media and a whole lot more outlets that instantly tell us if something has happened throughout the world. The key word here is “instantly.” Why? Because technology ...


Monopoly Board Game: Say Goodbye To The Iron & Hello To The Cat

I was always the Scottie dog growing up. My brother was the race car. And the iron, sad symbol of domestic drudgery? My mom took that one. Decades later, I’ve still got that same vintage Monopoly board game, the one from my childhood. There’s sand in the box from countless beach trips. ...